Monthend Video Game Wrap-Up – February 2018

~ Game Over ~

Monster Hunter World (PS4) – I’ll level with you, I didn’t actually beat this last month. I write up these entries beforehand based on assumptions and when the game turned out to be much longer than I anticipated, couldn’t be bothered to correct it. But it is beat for real now. Promise.

Super Mario RPG (SNES) – Initially, I thought that this was a game one could burn though in a couple quick sessions. That is not the case. It’s actually respectably long! And still a lot of fun!

Uncanny Valley (PS4) – A neat indie horror adventure, which I played to the least satisfying ending and then couldn’t make more time for because of my obsession with Monster Hunter.

RiME (PS4) – I was having a great time up until chapter 2. Then I was having an adequate time up until chapter 5. Then I just sat there and quietly wept for 20 minutes. (More words.)

Thimbleweed Park (Switch) – I thought it would be a brisk run, but it took me 15ish hours to solve this bad boy, and that’s having used the hint system very liberally. …I may just be really dumb.

Lords Mobile (iOS) – I downloaded and played a bit to get free hashcoins in Greasy Money, but the offer expired long before I reached the requirement T_T What a waste of a Sunday morning.

~ Now Playing ~

I Am Setsuna. (Switch) – I’ve read about it plenty, but I was still very shocked at how much like Chrono Trigger this game is. Although it is much bleaker than CT, both narratively and visually.

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude (PC) – I bought the LSL IndieGala bundle for the classic adventure games, but decided to give this one a spin first. Garbage. Absolute garbage.

Pokémon Uranium (PC) – A rather impressive fan game, which is undermined by the fact that it has some serious performance issues on my PC even with all the settings turned down.

Pokémon Ultra Sun (3DS) – I would have finished this long ago if not for my wasting hours upon hours trying to get the Festival Plaza store that will allow me to dye my clothes purple.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES) – I miss the simpler days, when I considered this to be the best Zelda. It’s still up there, but perhaps over-familiarity has dulled the spark.

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos (PS4) – I’ve only played for like 20 minutes, but it’s feeling a lot more janky than I’d expected. Which is dumb of me. I know perfectly well how these games are.

Part-Time UFO (iOS) – A glorified crane game, but HAL’s thick coating of charm makes this maybe my favourite phone game ever. Also, has a cameo by Qbby. <3

Bayonetta (Switch) – I remember playing the demo on Xbox 360 and not being wowed. But then my brother convinced me to give it a try and so I paid my $40 and WOWEE THIS IS GOOD.

Piczle Lines DX (Switch) – I have developed a habit of picking away at the billions of puzzles while watching Trailer Park Boys. It really makes for a perfect Ryan Night.

Blast Rush (iOS) – Developed by Ray Barnholt, who you don’t know. A twist on the vertical shoot ’em up, but to be honest I’ve had a hard time really grasping it. Needs more

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