Torrential Equilibrium started all the way back in distant 2002 as a free Angelfire website. What a wonderful start. It was December something or other, nobody really knows the exact inception date, but we like to say it’s the 16th. Back in the day it was known as “Mr. Hotshot64’s Page of Death” (based on Ryan’s old internet alias), or just the incredibly unimaginative “Page of Death” for short. It could have been worse. It could have been the “Page of Doom”.

The site was started as Ryan’s attempt to emulate his then-favourite (still in the top three, at least) website, X-Entertainment. In that, it was formed mostly around the infrequently posted articles, supplemented not by an actual blog, but rather a flimsy and sparsely-worded news page. It was a blog at heart, but Ryan was still in his anti-blog phase and refused to address it as such.

One of the many logos used over Torrential Equilibrium's first year

Over the years, article production fluctuated greatly. At times it could be totally sporadic, with articles coming out at the drop of a hat. For a while there would be at least one a month, and for a very short period, there were weekly articles. Articles have been few and far between recently. Mini-articles (for lack of a cleverer name) were introduced along the way so that articles could be formed without the need for pictures, banners and a high words count. Features (formerly Pseudo-articles) were introduced early on in the form of Chat Radio and the Art Gallery. A couple more Features surfaced and received updates over time, but the category mostly stagnates.

Time played host to many overall site changes: a name change, making the blog the main focus, two complete site overhauls, and generally putting more love and care into the site. Though it can go many days without an update, and sometimes even a month or two without any interesting updates, Torrential Equilibrium is still very much alive and kicking. We just have less time and different priorities than we used to is all.

The logo eventually became more streamlined. And blue.


Site Name : Torrential Equilibrium
Created : On a cold December eve in 2002
Content : Humour, video games, toys, candy, television, movies, reviews of all of the above
Updates : It’s a secret to everyone.
Host : TopClassHost
Best Viewed in : Firefox, 1280×1024

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