Chat Radio

This is an old thing Edwin and I used to do. The whole idea was that it was like a talk radio show, except over an internet instant messenger program. It was kinda dumb, but we were really excited about it. We cranked out eight right away, and then kicked out the last few over the span of a few more years. I’m not sure we’ll ever do one again, but it’s an idea we toy with every once in a while. Certainly we’d need to update the format. Does MSN Messenger even still exist? Maybe we’ll do a video CR in Second Life? Only time will tell.

Old Link (until I move them over)

CRN001 – The Beginning
CRN002 – Episode Two
CRN003 – All-night Special
CRN004 – Special Guest: Steve
CRN005 – Angry Gum
CRN006 – Special Guest: Piriya
CRN007 – Peep-tacular
CRN008 – Raining Berries
CRN009 – A Specious Argument
CRN010 – All-nighter Two
CRN012 – Catty Smack
CRN013 – The Return
CRN014 – The E3 2006 Special


Skyward Sword Replay

I played The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword when it was initially released in 2011, but then forgot basically everything about it. So then I replayed it during the summer of 2016 and kept a log of my thoughts and observations. Here are those entries in one tidy list.

Week One
Week Two
Week Three
Week Four
Week Five
Week Six
Week Seven
Week Eight


Steve Articles

Should this really be here, or on the articles page? We may never know for sure, but I feel like I need to have more stuff on this page, and less over there. So a Feature it is! This is a collection of writings that my friend Steve sent me over a few months. Or… some sort of time unit. They aren’t dated and I don’t care enough to actually figure it out. Anyway, this series evolved from semi-incoherent rambling into fairly well-written essays, and I heartily recommend you give them all a read. They might not all make sense, but at the very least they’re a good way to spend an afternoon.

SA001 – All About Ryan
SA002 – Why Penguins are Stupid
SA003 – An Uneducated Paper on Apes
SA004 – Why Astro Boy Sucks
SA005 – Anime Sucks
SA006 – People Who Piss Me Off
SA007 – 5 to 10 a Day
SA008 – The Evils of RPGs
SA009 – The Best amd Worst Colours of All Time
SA010 – The Asshole: The Best Thing to Ever Happen to the Internet
SA011 – Missy Elliot: A Natural Disaster
SA012 – An Uneducated Paper on Ghosts
SA013 – How to be an Asshole at Super Mario World
SA014 – Peeps!
SA015 – The Delicate and Deadly Art of Shaving
SA016 – BMQ Part 1: The Basics
SA017 – NERF Awesomeness

It’s worth noting that Steve wrote a handful of articles for Torrential Equilibrium’s long-defunct sister site, Comedy Napalm. These articles are lost to the ether, beyond the reach of even the Wayback Machine. If I do ever manage to find them, however, I will post them here a a tribute to the collab site that couldn’t make it. Also because I’d like the collection to be complete.


Ryan’s Game Guides

There was a time, long ago, where I was so into GameFAQs that I decided that I wanted to write content for the site. Ah, the follies of youth. Anyway, I have a handful of guides and reviews here that were submitted to GameFAQs under the guise of Mr_Hotshot64. Some of them were published, others were not. Also there’s a guide I wrote for my own RPG Maker game, Quest for the Cube. I never submitted it to GameFAQs, on account of it’s not an actual game.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker – Savage Labyrinth guide
Bomberman Generation – Multiplayer/Minigame guide
MegaMan X4 – Game guide
Quest for the Cube – Demo guide
Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money – Liquor Guide

Monopoly Party review
Batman: Dark Tomorrow review
MegaMan Battle Chip Challenge review


The CD Archive

I’ll warn you now: this is a project that may never see even a hope of completion. It’s my effort to index and give a little blurb about each and every CD I own. I think it would probably deserve its own page if it were complete or at least something I worked on periodically, but it’s not, so it lives here in squalor. Enjoy?


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