Monthend Video Game Wrap-Up – August 2017

You might think that I would have played fewer video games in August, what with all the hustle and bustle of moving last month. However, life video games finds a way.

~ Game Over ~

Super Mario World (3DS) – I’ve bought a handful of SNES virtual console games on my 3DS, but had only played Mega Man X up until now. Weird, that.

VOI (PC) – A very fun minimalist puzzle game. In a world where you can’t throw a stone without hitting a boring minimalist puzzle game, I think that’s worth celebrating.

Ever Oasis (3DS) – I’ve been letting this one simmer for a while, but it was time to finally hack my way to the finish line. It’s too bad the post-game is so grindy and not all that fun.

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe (3DS) – Done enough. Anything left to do is gated behind the paywall/waiting for daily gem apple harvests. And that’s a load of crap.

Candy Thieves: Tale of Gnomes (PC) – Lame tower defence game that parents might put on their iPads to shut up their four-year-olds. Uninstalled after ten minutes.

~ Now Playing ~

Splatoon 2 (Switch) – Haven’t even cleared the single-player mode yet, though I have been participating in ranked matches for the first time. But that’s a story for another day…

Final Fantasy XV (PS4) – “The line’s gonna snap!” “We’re gonna fish this place dry.” “Turn the rod towards the fish!” “Talk about backseat fishing…”

Hollow Knight (PC) – One of the best indie Metroidvania I’ve played to date. Adventure deep underground and slay all the bugs! Except for the cute canapillar babies, who you rescue instead.

TumbleSeed (Switch) – An insane roguelike where you have to roll a seed up a mountain by moving either end of the platform that it is suspended on. It’s pretty cool!

Chicken Wiggle (3DS) – An adorable little platformer where you play as a chicken who uses his worm buddy as a grappling hook. Also there’s a very robust level creator with online sharing.

Piczle Lines DX (Switch) – A picture-puzzle game that is like a cross between Tappingo and connect-the-dots. Good for playing with a show or movie on in the background.

Pokémon Picross (3DS) – Played a few puzzles to break up the almost-picrossness of Piczle Lines. Also, abandoned the challenges, because they are ridiculous on the Mega puzzles.

Monster Hunter Stories (3DS) – Technically, just the demo, but it’s the first few hours of the full game and progress carries over. So I’ll consider it a legit entry here.

Monster Hunter XX (Switch) – The opposite kind of demo, where it’s just three separate hunts with preset items and gear. I’ve played it a lot though. I miss big-screen Monster Hunter real bad.

Monster Hunter Generations (3DS) – I just really love Monster Hunter, you know?

Namco Museum (Switch) – I’ve never played Rolling Thunder before, but I really like it! You know, aside from the fact that it’s like, impossibly hard. Bring on the save states!

Zombie Panic in Wonderland (Wii) – Randomly booted up while I was poking around in my WiiWare games, and I ended up playing late into the night. God damn, Snow White.

TPB: Greasy Money (iOS) – I almost wish that the game were just constant events. They’re really fun, and the main game has gotten a little stale.

Magikarp Jump (iOS) – I finished the Ultra League, which I thought was the end, but of course there’s going to be at least one more update for an Elite Four of some description.

Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii) – Mostly I just booted it up to maintain the tradition of it being the first video game played when I move into a new home. But I was reminded how much I like it…

Adventure Capitalist (PC) – I find myself compulsively opening it on Thursday evenings, and hey, there’s a new event! Then I’m sucked back in for the duration of the weekend…

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