A List of Viddy Games from the Old Year

Happy 2023!

Here is a big ol’ list of all the video games that I spent a significant amount of time playing in 2022. It’s not a comprehensive list, as I left off a few little indie games that were more “experiences”, games that I gave up on after a single session, and games that aren’t really games (like Rocksmith and Fitness Boxing). If you’d like to know how I felt about any of them, I included the month in which I started playing each one, so you can conveniently look up the appropriate Month End Round-Up post.

Of note is that of the 75 games listed below, 53 were eligible for my “Top X of 2022” list. I’ve narrowed it down to the ones I liked best, and I was left with fifteen finalists. Now I have the unenviable task of deciding if I want my GOTY list to just be 15 games, or if I want to try to figure out which five to cut to make it a nice, round Top Ten. Or, should I add seven more games to make it the Top 22 of ’22? Find out in… I don’t know, like a week or two, maybe? I’m going to try to get it done before February, anyway.

JanuaryKathy Rain: The Director’s CutPC
JanuaryMega Man XSNES
JanuaryYs VIII: Lacrimosa of DanaPS4
JanuaryPokémon Shining PearlSwtich
JanuaryCyberpunk 2077PC
JanuaryPokémon Legends: ArceusSwitch
FebruaryVampire SurvivorsPC
FebruaryHorror AdventurePS4
FebruaryThe Sinking CityPS4
FebruaryDonkey Kong Land 2GB
MarchYs: Ancient Ys Vanished ~ OmenPC
MarchKirby and the Forgotten LandSwitch
MarchTriangle StrategySwitch
MarchStranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy OriginPS5
AprilYs II: Ancient Ys Vanished ~ The Final ChapterPC
AprilKyatto Ninden TeyandeeNES
AprilFinal Fantasy IIIDS
AprilChasing StaticPC
AprilEvil TonightSwitch
MayYs IX: Monstrum NoxPS4
MayNew Super Mario World 2: Around the WorldPC
MayElden RingPS5
JuneTMNT: Shredder’s RevengeSwitch
JuneHaunted Zombie SchoolSwitch
JulyLoot Hero DXPC
JulyResident Evil VillagePS5
JulyMonster Hunter Rise: SunbreakSwitch
JulyHitman II (2018)PC
JulyMercenary Kings: Reloaded EditionPC
JulyXenoblade Chronicles 3Switch
AugustCat Quest IIPS4
SeptemberTMNT: Fall of the Foot ClanGB
SeptemberTMNT: Back From the SewersGB
SeptemberTMNT: Radical RescueGB
SeptemberThe Silent HousePC
SeptemberSubnautica: Below ZeroPS5
SeptemberResident Evil VillagePS5
SeptemberSilver ChainsSwitch
SeptemberYumeNikki Dream DiarySwitch
SeptemberDonkey Kong Land 3GB
SeptemberDear Esther: Landmark EditionPS4
SeptemberCall of CthulhuPS4
OctoberShovel Knight DigSwitch
OctoberResident Evil 2PC
OctoberThe QuarryPS5
OctoberPower Wash SimulatorPC
OctoberActRaiser RenaissancePS4
OctoberParasite Eve IIPS1
NovemberCastlevania: Aria of SorrowGBA
NovemberStar Ocean: Till the End of TimePS2
NovemberThe Vanishing HitchhikerSwitch
NovemberPokémon ScarletSwitch
NovemberThe Turing TestPC
DecemberMars Moose: Cosmic Quest: City SightsPS1
DecemberTrombone ChampPC
DecemberDino CrisisPS1
DecemberChoo-Choo CharlesPC
DecemberCrimson SnowPC
DecemberWoody Woodpecker RacingPS1
DecemberIrony of NightmarePC
DecemberVice: Project DoomNES
DecemberSuper Valis IVSNES
DecemberBrain Age Express: SudokuDS
DecemberWarGames: Defcon 1PS1
DecemberPicross S6Switch

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