Monthend Video Game Wrap-Up – May 2017

This may be the longest list to date… I don’t know quite how it happened, seeing as I feel like I’ve been playing far fewer video games than usual. Ack! Maybe it’s time to start logging playtime?

~ Game Over ~

Bye-Bye, BoxBoy! (3DS) – Is it the Best Box Boy? Yeah. Yeah it is. They’ve definitely pushed the series as far as it can go, and I’m glad it’s (ostensibly) being retired before it loses its lustre.

KAMIKO (Switch) – I thought “This looks neat, I’ll buy it off the Japan eShop because there’s no way it’ll ever come out in North America” but was stymied because the Japan eShop doesn’t accept my MasterCard. And then it came out in North America the very next week. Welp!

ABZÛ (PS4) – Something about a diver saving an underwater ecosystem from the ravages of machines. I don’t really get it, but it was super pretty. Also, so many cool fishies!

Blazing Star (Switch) – A NEO-GEO shoot-’em-up that is visually amazing (duh). It also taught me what separates a good shmup from an annoying shmup: enemies that soak up bullets. Also most of the playable ships are kind of terrible. Windina is always the way to go.

Stardew Valley (PC) – We accomplished everything that isn’t a horrible slog. Once we acquired the Junimo Hut, it just seemed like there was nothing else worth doing. And so it’s finally over.

Dark Witch Music Episode: Rudymical (Switch) – The title gives away that this is not your average Legend of Dark Witch game. In fact, it is instead a weird rhythm game that demands nothing less than perfection. Despite that, I still kinda liked it.

Destroy All Humans! (PS4) – Bought the PlayStation Humble Bundle just to replay this. Honestly, a little underwhelming on the gameplay front, but I loooove the B-movie aesthetic/plot.

Snipperclips (Switch) – Chopped my way to the end of the single-player levels. It’s a very clever game, but is so much more fun when you’re working with other players. And I say that from experience, having previously solved all the multiplayer stages with a full four-person team.

ARMS Global Testpunch (Switch) – Okay, so I didn’t really “beat” it because it’s just a demo… But I really wanted to list it because it absolutely sold me on ARMS. Of course.

~ Now Playing ~

Typeshift (iOS) – This has become my go-to game when I need to kill a few minutes and there’s no 3DS around. Honestly though, I wish the whole game was the clue-type puzzles.

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money (iOS) – Normally I don’t like to put these idle games on the monthend list more than once, but I’m willing to make an exception for TPB.

Magikarp Jump (iOS) – It was only a matter of time before a Pokémon-theme idle game happened. Now I am well and truly doomed. At least this one ostensibly has a true goal.

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe (3DS) – Expanded version of the sub-game included in Planet Robobot. Oh and also it’s a freemium game. If it were playable online, I would be much happier.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch) – Didn’t “accomplish” much, just enjoyed some time in Hyrule.

Has-Been Heroes (Switch) – I’m starting to get good, and it’s even more fun now. That or the last balance patch really ratcheted down the challenge. Either way, I finally unlocked a new hero!

Snake Pass (Switch) – Slithered through a handful of stages, but it’s not really grabbing me the way I’d expected. I hope it’s just because I have so many other games on my plate.

Life is Strange (PS4) – Spent much of a weekend going through Episodes 2, 3, and 4. I don’t know how I completely missed the Max/Chloe romantic tension the first time through.

TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan (PS4) – Ninja Turtles by Platinum Games. In theory, the perfect video game. In practice, it’s a little janky and over-complicated. Looks and sounds great, at least.

NBA Playgrounds (Switch) – Yeah, I bought a basketball game. I feel like it’s time to give up and give in to sports. It’s the only way I’m ever going to be able to connect with other humans.

Chrono Trigger (SNES) – Yep, this is happening again. Not sure if it’ll be another “all endings” kind of run, but it’s deffo possible.

Thumper (Switch) – Another weird rhythm game that would be far too intense to play in VR, as it was originally intended. Also, really tough! But very cool, and it feels amazing to get in the groove.

ArcaniA: The Complete Tale (PS4) – Another pick from the PS Humble Bundle. This reminds me of Fable, but without the good/evil thing. So, kind of middling at best. And yet I keep playing…

Adventure Capitalist (PC) – I don’t know. Something’s wrong with me. Something about watching the numbers go up in these idle games gets me so very hard. …I’m sorry.

Ghost Control (PC) – An ambitious but ultimately over(and under)whelming Ghostbusters simulation. I enjoy the turn-based strategy missions, but the rest is so blah and tedious. Pass.

Gunpoint (PC) – Now this is a neat little game! A stylish stealth/puzzle dealie where your dude can jump like a really big frog. Unfortunately, the graphics are itty-bitty and generally very dark.

Invisible, Inc. (PC) – Another turn-based strategy game, but here, the focus is generally to avoid detection/combat. I like the premise, but it’s got way too many complicated systems going on.

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