Monthend Video Game Wrap-Up: August 2022

~ Game Over ~

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (Switch) – Cleared all the story missions. While the Sunbreak expansion does seem a little bit light on content for the price, at least I know there are at least two more major (and free!) updates on the way. Moved onto grinding anomaly quests now, and I feel like that could honestly last a very long time if there weren’t so many other games to play.

Subnautica (PS5) – Still not a perfect experience, but significantly more stable than when I played the PS4 version last year. It didn’t crash even once this time!

Whisperwind (PC) – Indie spook-’em-up that is mostly walking, with some very basic puzzles. Got all four endings in well under an hour.

Cat Quest II (PS4) – Been wanting to play this since I finished the first game, and only recently did it go on sale cheap enough for me to pull the trigger. I think it’s literally just a bigger version of the original, but also you can now play as a dog! It’s pretty vapid, honestly, but I got at least $6 worth of enjoyment from it.

Submersed (PS4) – Indie survival horror that tasks you with discovering the mystery of a derelict marine biology compound of some description. Controls are poor, the translation could have used a proofreader, and it generally lacks polish. So it’s the perfect game for a YouTube let’s play video!

~ Progress Notes ~

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Switch) – Chapter 7

Mercenary Kings (PC) – Sergeant rank

Final Fantasy III (DS) – Obtained the Invincible

Hitman II (2018) (PC) – Goofin’ in Mumbai

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