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Nintendo Direct 2.17.2021

Nintendo Direct 2.17.2021

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a “real” Nintendo Direct. Lots of indie showcases and partner directs, but I can’t even remember when the last Nintendo-focused video came out. Guess it was a COVID thing? Whatever, Nintendo’s got a big, new commercial out, and I’m going to write words about it. Like I do.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate – I can’t believe it’s finally happening! Pyra and Mythra are excellent Smash candidates, and long overdue, if I might say so. Not that I’m poo-pooing the DLC characters we’ve seen thus far, just… I really like Xenoblade. I haven’t really looked for The Internet’s reaction, but I have a feeling they won’t be too happy about more anime swordspeople.

Fall Guys – It’s probably too late; Fall Guys’ 15 minutes seems to be over. And I just never really cared. I’ve had it on PS4 since launch (it was free with PS+) and haven’t ever played it.

Outer Wilds – Looks really cool, but I’ve watched the first hour or so, and I don’t know that’s it’s really for me.

Famicom Detective Club – Kind of amazing that Nintendo is remaking two Famicom visual novel mysteries that never left Japan. I might buy them based on that novelty factor along. And also I like that kind of game :I

Samurai Warriors 5 – I don’t know. A Warriors game that doesn’t take place in Hyrule? That doesn’t seem like a thing for me.

Legend of Mana – WOW! Never would have seen this one coming. Legend of Mana has been on my to-do list for decades, so maybe now will be the time? Though I could just play that original version that’s been installed to my PS3 for a good five years…

Monster Hunter Rise – We all know I’m on board here. I already thoroughly enjoyed the demo, even streamed it. The new mud-themed leviathan looks cool. Like Jyuratodus but less stupid. I do kinda want that fancy pro controller, too…

Mario Golf: Super Rush – I’m very excited by this, but I don’t think there’s space for a golf game in my life. I’m also a little bit leery about it, as the last half-dozen or so Mario sports games have all been sub-par. The speed golf and story modes look totally rad, but I think I’ll wait to see the reviews.

Tales from the Borderlands – Played it on PS4. It’s pretty good, I’d recommend it. But not so good that I feel the need to play it again. Telltale’s Batman games are way better (and already on Switch).

Capcom Arcade Stadium – You know, as much as I like Capcom, I’ve somehow never really been into their arcade offerings. Plus, what do I need seventeen variations of Street Fighter II for?

Stubbs the Zombie – I got this on PC forever ago, and it’s better in concept than execution. Charming world and story, frustrating and janky gameplay. At least, that’s how I remember it. Maybe it’s time to pick it up again? I mean, the copy I already own. I don’t think it’s worth a double-dip.

No More Heroes III – Looks as good as ever. Release date is way out there, but at least there is a release date now.

Neon White – Mirror’s Edge but with cards? I don’t know. I can’t really tell. I don’t like the looks of it.

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power – Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh. I’d be fine with the concept if they weren’t beating us over the head with the “teen” aspect.

Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighbourville – No. Just no.

Miitopia – Another unlikely remake. Didn’t care about it on 3DS, don’t care about it now.

Animal Crossing – New Mario stuff. Whatever. I don’t have Animal Crossing and I have no plans to have Animal Crossing.

Project Triangle Strategy – Needs a real name, but WOW is this ever a slick-looking Final Fantasy Tactics tactical RPG. Downloading demo now.

Star Wars Hunters – Online arena FPS? Not my jam. Not even with Star Wars.

Knockout City – Fortnite but dodgeball. I… might actually be mildly interested in this one. The sense of humour is somehow simultaneously excellent and overbearing.

World’s End Club – Good pedigree, and even better art direction. Definitely keeping an eye on this one.

Hades – Physical release. Meh.

Ninja Gaiden Master Collection – You know, I’ve always wanted to try these, but their reputation for being Too Hard kept me away. Also being Xbox exclusives when I didn’t own an Xbox didn’t help. All that said, knowing how awful I am at Bayonetta (on easy mode, no less!), I don’t see myself buying into this collection.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity – Yes, I think I will buy the expansion pass for this excellent video game.

Bravely Default II – Do we really need a new trailer a week from release?

Ghosts n Goblins Resurrection – No. I’m one of the many GnG haters.

SaGa Frontier Remastered – Yes. Once I’m done my Legend of Zelda vision quest, I’d really like to go on a SaGa vision quest. This re-release will fit nicely into my already-growing collection.

Apex Legends – There is no battle royale for me. And Apex Legends is even farther off the mark than Fortnite, so.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD – I like Skyward Sword, but… It’s not really a great Zelda game. Maybe if Nintendo somehow cuts out a lot of the tedious backtracking, but I don’t think that can happen? Maybe they could make flying a lot faster? At least remove some of the awful, repetitive fights against the Imprisoned. On a more positive note, I really do like that motion controls can be turned off completely! That’s a great option for all the people that hate them!

Splatoon 3 – ‘BOUT TIME! All I really want out of this one is a version of Salmon Rush that is always playable. The fact that Splatoon 2’s Salmon Rush is only available at certain times is one of the most mind-boggling decisions that Nintendo has ever made. And they’ve made a lot of those.

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