Monthend Video Game Wrap-Up: November 2019

~ Game Over ~

Star Fox (SNES) – Ran the easy route. A good way to burn half an hour.

Pixel Puzzle Collection (iOS) – Wrote this. Still playing for 200%.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 (Switch) – Having come fresh off Dark Moon, which I felt was a little lacking in certain areas, Luigi’s Mansion 3 looks like a damn masterpiece. It’s obviously not perfect, but I’m willing to suggest that it may even be better than the original. If absolutely nothing else, the cutscenes may very well be the best that Nintendo’s ever produced. LM3 is a wonderful cartoon of a game, and if it weren’t like 17 hours long I’d jump right back in for a replay.

Alien Shooter 2 (PC) – Fun twin-stick shooter marred by having to play with a keyboard/mouse combo. The difficulty balance is all over the place, and the text never fit in the text boxes. It was roughly twice as long as I would have expected, but didn’t overstay its welcome. Lack of NG+ makes me sad

Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe (Switch) – Baby’s first platformer, finished in under 2 hrs. Seven or eight levels with mild platforming challenges, and enemies that are barely a threat. Honestly, for a game that cost me less than two dollars, it could have been a lot worse.

Perseverance (Switch) – The eShop description lied by omission. This is only Chapter 1 in a series that may never continue. I probably wouldn’t have spent the $4 for this hour-long first chapter if I had known the truth. While the story of this visual novel is mildly interesting, since it’s 100% about reading, the egregious number of spelling/grammatical errors cannot be overlooked. Would not recommend.

Pokémon Shield (Switch) – It’s a real pokémon game on my TV, and by that metric alone, I dig it so hard. Gen 8 has a lot of really incredible new pokémon, and I look forward to continuing my adventure to finish catching ’em all. It’s true what they say about the story: it’s pretty light and mostly background noise while you focus on the whole gym challenge thing. It didn’t bother me, though. My biggest complaint is that there aren’t enough dress-up options. Oh, and the online system is pretty whack.

Revenge of the Bird King (Switch) – My thought process was this: “This action platformer looks kinda shabby, but the gameplay seems tight. Also it’s a dollar. I think I’ll give it a try.” And truly, I’d say it was a dollar well spent. The gameplay is fairly tight, plus you don’t see enough homages to Zelda II, so I appreciate this game for being a pretty solid one. Some of the extra challenge stages were way too tough for me, but the main game was just the right amount of difficult.

~ Progress Notes ~

Ring Fit Adventure (Switch) – On World 12.

Breath of Fire (SNES) – Just plugged up a volcano with a giant robot.

Nonograms Prophecy (Switch) – About halfway done? Maybe?

Spyro 3: Year of the Dragonfly (PS4) – Like 97% done.

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