Monthend Video Game Wrap-Up: November 2022

~ Game Over ~

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (GBA) – What? Halloween season is over? Sure, but Castlevania is appropriate at any time of the year. Plus, this is my favourite ‘Vania, so there’s that. Is it still good almost 20 years later? Yeah! A little creaky in some ways, but still solid. Got the good ending and 100% map completion, but I had no interest in grinding for 100% soul completion.

ElecHead (Switch) – A very fun retro-style puzzle-platformer. Charge up platforms with your body and see what happens! Throw your head to charge up far away platforms! Fall and die on spikes many times! You know the type.

The Turing Test (PC) – Sweet first-person-puzzler that is highly reminiscent of Portal and The Talos Principle. Sadly, it’s rather short, and maybe even a wee bit too easy. I suppose it’s a good thing, though, when a game leaves you wanting more.

Parasite Eve II (PS1) – I appreciate the concept of a survival horror/RPG hybrid, but I don’t appreciate that the control scheme is completely different from Resident Evil’s and cannot be customized. Anyway, it’s a pretty good game (if a bit grindy), though I was shocked at how little of it I had seen in previous attempts. Apparently, I’d never even made it to the halfway point!

Pokémon Scarlet (Switch) – Mechanically speaking, the best Pokémon game for sure. And I like most of the Gen 9 Pokémon designs, too! Sadly, this is technically the weakest that Pokémon has been since it was on Game Boy. Not riddled with bugs like those games were, but rather very poorly optimized. Still, even when it was running at like 10fps, I was having a wonderful time!

~ Progress Notes ~

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (PS2) – Met the Queen of Aquios

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (Switch) – Grinding up to MR100

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