24 Days of Desire (18): DIE HARD

There are a few movies that I like to watch every time the holiday season rolls around. These include but are not strictly limited to: Christmas Vacation, Die Hard, and The Phantom of the Paradise. Of those three movies listed, I own two.

Despite it being the longest running Xmas-time movie tradition in my home, I don’t actually own a copy of or digital rights to Die Hard. I borrow my dad’s Die Hard collection every year, which has the first four films in the series. Usually I only watch the first one, because it’s set at Xmas. The second one is as well, but… I dunno. While I like Die Hard 2 well enough, it just doesn’t have the same appeal to me.

Anyway, while I can be pretty sure that I’ll have an easily-accessible copy of Die Hard to borrow for the foreseeable future, I still feel like I should have my own. Because I’m very materialistic, you see.

Wait, did I already write this same entry last year? More or less.

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