24 Days of Desire (3): Star Wars sequels box set

I have a really nice box set of the first six Star Wars movies on Blu-ray.

Sorry, I have to stop here to make an aside about how I very much dislike the fact that Blu-ray is a proper name and requires capitalization.

*ahem* It would be nice if I could slide in another little box that housed the sequel trilogy right next to it. Alas, there is currently no such thing! And probably never will be! The proliferation of digital media has absolutely crushed the market for movies printed on physical media. And also Disney is absolutely not going to sell you three movies in a box when they can make you buy all three separately.

To be fair, all three Star Wars sequels are available individually on Blu-ray. So I could absolutely complete my collection. It’s just… I’m a spoiled brat and want them in a box set. Ideally I’d like a giant box with all nine “core” movies, but… I already have the first six. I don’t really want to buy them again. Movies aren’t something I feel the need to have multiple copies of.

To drive my point home, look at the other movies on my shelves here:

See how bad it looks to have all those individual 007 movies piled up next to the sleek box sets? Or how out of place the individual Friday the 13th spines look next to the box? I don’t want Star Wars to end up like that!

Of course, you could also argue that I’m richer for not having copies of the Star Wars sequels in my home, but… I actually really like The Force Awakens. Could I live with just that one? Almost certainly. But you can bet I’d lose sleep over it each and every night.

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