24 Days of Desire (2): A better GPU

Last December I got a lot of extra money from sources I will not mention, and since I was planning to start creating more video content for my YouTube channel, I decided to spend a bunch of said money on a new computer. In this sense, it was a complete success! The new machine was more than capable of taking on the heavy video processing load that was making my old PC wheeze worse than me after 20 seconds of light jogging.

However! When I selected my new computer, I did not put any consideration into VR capabilities. Any why would I? I bought an Oculus Quest 2 specifically for the fact that it doesn’t need to be tethered to a PC. Fast forward to summer 2021 when I bought an (off-brand) Oculus link cable for reasons I can’t remember, and through some sequence of events ended up trying to play some PC VR games. It did not go well.

Lo and behold, I purchased a computer with one of the few graphics cards (GTX 1650, BTW) that the Oculus website says is not suitable for VR. Because of course I did. 2020 Ryan can hardly be blamed because he did not give one single damn at the time, but I’m certainly regretting his decision.

This wouldn’t even be a huge deal if it weren’t 2021 and GPU prices weren’t inflated to completely insane levels. But that’s the world we live in, and there’s no way in heck that I’m dropping $1,000+ dollary-doos on a graphics card. I’m bad at money, but not that bad at money.

The silver lining to this all is that playing PC VR games isn’t really a high priority for me. I still don’t want to play VR while tethered to a computer. And I’d have to move my computer out into the living room, which no. I was only even considering the option because the Quest 2’s game library is… quite lacking. But Resident Evil 4 VR exists now so why would I even want to play anything else?

But, you know, it would still be neat.

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