PZ35/21 – May check-in

The Wind Waker is done, so we’re still on schedule. Ahead of schedule, in fact, because despite my trepidation about how it wouldn’t be very fun to play alone, I did play through Four Swords Adventures as well. And it was pretty fun. Like, it’s a legit good Zelda game, but definitely requires at least two players to get the most out of it. Being able to carry only one tool at a time is not ideal, but doesn’t ruin the experience.

FSA, in fact, was enjoyable (and short) enough that I burned through it in scarcely a week’s time. With that out of the way, I was able to dig into and complete The Minish Cap without regret. I haven’t ever revisited Minish Cap since it was released, and it might have turned out be the single best reason to have done this Zelda series revisit. Minish Cap is super fun! I remember it being really good, but I would say that I had a wonderful time playing it again. Might have to add this one into the regular rotation.

On the video front: Ocarina of Time Rando and Majora’s Mask reach their conclusions this week, which will lead into the pair of Oracle games. I’ve finally taken the time to plot out all my upcoming videos on a calendar and… At the rate of two videos a week, I’ll likely run out of 2021 before the end of Skyward Sword. I’m also probably underestimating how many videos there will be for each of the upcoming games, unless they’re all like 3-4 hours long. So this project will be rolling into 2022, baby!

I also tested out Phantom Hourglass, just to see how DS games work on the Wii U virtual console. It’s not great. There’s a lot of lost screen space, no matter which screen configuration you go with. It works, but it’s not ideal.

And now the hard part: finding the correct placements for the three games I finished last month. FSA wasn’t too hard to place, though I struggled a bit deciding whether I like Minish Cap more than Ocarina of Time or not. In the end, Minish Cap is a little bit more tedious with all the kinstones and having to find the correct locations to change size. Also you can collect all the heart pieces in OoT without having to win 130 different figurines from a gacha machine. So that’s a big point in its favour.

Wind Waker was nearly impossible to place, since I think I like it probably exactly as much as Majora’s Mask. I had to give Majora the edge though, since I replay it way more often than I do Wind Waker. That’s probably worth something, right?

  1. Link’s Awakening
  2. Majora’s Mask
  3. The Wind Waker
  4. A Link to the Past
  5. Ocarina of Time
  6. The Minish Cap
  7. Four Swords Adventures
  8. The Legend of Zelda
  9. Oracle of Seasons
  10. Oracle of Ages
  11. The Adventure of Link

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