Wherein 2021 is Productive

At least, in the sense that I have been creating a lot of product in 2021. It’s only halfway through January and I have already scheduled two videos to go live each week on the TE YouTube channel until the end of February. That probably amounts to more videos than I posted through the entirety of 2020. Not that I’m going to bother counting.

There are two ongoing series as of now: Witch Hunt and my Legend of Zelda 35th Anniversary Series. Witch Hunt is a 7-parter, and I have no idea how long it’ll take to finally air them all. The final episode is currently scheduled for Feb 21st, but I’m expecting that to get pushed back at least a little, as I work on more diverse content. You know, gotta throw a Pop-Tarts review in there once in a while. Can’t all be video games.

Not that I expect anyone to care about Witch Hunt. It is a very slow game and likely very boring to watch and I didn’t cut a single second of gameplay. I had a great time playing it, though!

The Legend of Zelda wrapped up very quickly. In fact, much quicker than I had anticipated. It’s not an overly complex game, but I figured it would take me a little more than 4 hours to clear it. I had a lot of fun replaying (most) of this game, as I always do. I may do a words-post about it at some point, but I think for the most part I’ll just let my commentary in the videos cover how I feel about it.

I’m now roughly halfway through Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, and it is even less forgiving than I remembered. The first episode goes live a week from today, and considering just how difficult the game is, it’s going to be a longer series. It almost forces me to play in shorter sessions because it’s hard to keep up momentum when you’re getting frustrated by constantly dying.

On the other hand, I’ve been having a lot more fun with the editing on the Zelda II videos. I’d probably be going overboard, in fact, but I’m discovering that Camtasia has some very hard limits for the kind of stuff I’m doing/want to do. Might have to look into alternatives.

Anyway, while output has been really good the past couple weeks, knowing me, I’ll run out of steam before February hits and everything will go back to normal. So, enjoy the constant stream of videos while they last?

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