Nintendo Direct 6.18.2024

Honestly, I kinda lost interest in doing these Nintendo Direct play-by-plays a while ago, but this is very likely the last one where the Switch will be the main focus. In that case, I figured why not? Let’s a go!

Mario & Luigi: Brothership – Sweet! I know some people were predicting a remake, and I certainly wasn’t expecting an entirely new game! It seems to have a pretty wide variety of original characters and enemies, which is great! And the series’ art style looks wonderful in true 3D!

Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition – I’m just really not into this. It’s interesting, yes, but I’d honestly rather just play the actual games instead of the parceled-out challenges.

Fairy Tail 2 – Anime nonsense that I don’t care about.

Fantasian: Neo Dimension – Anime nonsense that I do care about! The pedigree alone is enough to get me interested. But I need to re-watch (and pay attention to) that trailer to get a sense of what the gameplay is actually like, since I know it’s a port of a mobile game.

Nintendo Switch Sports – They’re adding basketball. I still haven’t bought this game, so… not really relevant to me. And basketball alone isn’t a big enough draw.

MIO: Memories in Orbit – Incredible visuals, appears to be a metroidvania. Consider me intrigued! But I’ll need to know more before I’m completely sold.

Disney Illusion Island – There’s a free update that adds a new mode. I still haven’t purchased the main game, and likely never will, even though I’ve been very much wanting to play it since it came out.

Hello Kitty: Island Adventure – Nope.

Looney Tunes: Wacky World of Sports – Look, I didn’t buy Nintendo’s multi-sports game. I’m not going to be buying one that’ll be way jankier.

Among Us – DLC or something, who cares it’s not 2021 anymore.

Farmagia – I actually don’t care for the look, or the name. Seems to be Pokemon but you literally farm your monsters? Could be good, but meeeeeeeh.

Donkey Kong Country Returns HD – Ported for the second time. It’s a very good game that I’m considering buying again! (But I probably won’t. I didn’t pick up the even better Tropical Freeze port, so…)

Dragon Quest III HD – Yeah, I’ll absolutely buy this. I adore S-E’s “2D-HD” style, and Dragon Quest, and I’ve never really played DQIII before, so this is actually a perfect game for me.

Dragon Quest I & II HD – Well, yeah, I’ll buy this too. The original Dragon Quest was my very first RPG, and I’ll buy it in as many forms as I can. DQII is… also there.

Funko Fusion – No. Just no.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD – You know, I just couldn’t get into LM2 on 3DS, so I doubt that I’ll bother with this. I can’t put my finger on exactly why it didn’t click with me, but it’s probably the multiple mansions and mission-based structure. I prefer having one huge playground to explore at my leisure.

The New Denpa Men – I played the first Denpa Men game on 3DS for a while, but it was boooooring. Never finished it, never played any sequels, never going to play this one. Sorry!

Metal Slug Attack Reloaded – Metal Slug, but… tower defense? No, that’s not what I want from Metal Slug. Good on them for branching out, but it’s not for me. Maybe. I don’t know. The more I think about it, the more I waffle.

Darkest Dungeon II – Never played the first, and I can’t imagine that this sequel isn’t going to win me over. Literally nothing that I know about this series appeals to me.

NSO Update – A Link to the Past GBA, Metroid: Zero Mission, Turok, and PERFECT DARK!

Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero – Actually, I’ve always wanted to play Phantom Brave. But I’ve been putting off the original for like 20 years, so the outlook for this one isn’t so good.

Marvel vs Capcom Fighting Collection – You know, if it were just fighting games, I’d probably write it off immediately. But there are a handful of brawlers in there too, which are very appealing to me.

Super Mario Party Jamboree – Nah, man. You need friends to Mario Party.

The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom – A LINK’S AWAKENING SEQUEL WHERE YOU PLAY AS ZELDA! HOLY SHIT! AND IT LAUNCHES IN SEPTEMBER! I also like how this one seems like it’s going to focus more on puzzle-solving than combat. This is good. I like this.

Just Dance 2025 – [insert vomit sound effect]

LEGO: Horizon Adventures – You know, I may just buy this for novelty of playing Horizon on my Switch. And it’ll probably be more fun than the actual games. (There’s my hot take of the day.)

Stray – I didn’t care about cat game on PS5, and I don’t care about it on Switch. Good on whatever dev team put in the work to get it running on Switch, though. It’s obviously taken a graphical hit, but still looks pretty good!

Tales of the Shire – I get that they have a nice little following online, but I have absolutely zero interest in “cozy” games like this. Even with Gandalf.

Ace Attorney Investigations Collection – I’m sure this is exciting for Ace Attorney fans. Me, I’m not one. Never played a single game in the series, and likely never will. I don’t even know enough about them to know which games this collection is… collecting? Remastering? Remaking? I just don’t know.

The Hundred Line: Last Defense Academy – Danganronpa but as a strategy RPG (or tower defense?) instead of an adventure/investigation game? Not really my cup of tea. But man, those guys know how to write a good story… I’d put this on the maybe list.

Romancing Saga 2: Revenge of the Seven – One of my long-term life goals is to one day make time to play all the SaGa games. I’ve really liked the few I’ve played, and this one looks very cool. I like the focus on making choices that direct the story, and I might actually just jump into this one when it comes out.

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond – It’s finally real!? In 2025… Honestly, it’s been in development for so long, I’m a little surprised that it’s not being held back as a launch title for the Switch successor. But hey, I’m not complaining. METROID!!

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