Monthend Video Game Wrap-Up: December 2023

~ Game Over ~

The Talos Principle 2 (PS5) – Yeah, I played it again. Had to get the platinum trophy on this one, you know?

Super Mario RPG (Switch) – Part of me wants to complain that not enough was changed and playing this remake just felt like going through the motions, but the other part of me says “Shut up, idiot! It’s still a 10/10 game! Just with better music now!” And also the new post-game content was very good, if a little too brief.

Final Fantasy XVI (PS5) – Out of the blue, a DLC expansion was released, so I purchased and played it. It was very cool (if a little short), and the new superboss was incredible! Also, finally finished my Final Fantasy (hard) mode playthrough.

Parasite Eve (PS1) – Cool game, but I never finished it back in the day. Now I have! It’s a bit of a mixed bag and I’d say that I generally liked it, but it could definitely benefit from a complete remake to iron out some kinks and smooth down the rougher edges.

Pokémon Scarlet: The Indigo Disk (Switch) – The second DLC expansion for Scarlet/Violet. It’s very good! Game performance is still bad, but the amount of pokémon re-introduced is impressive, the handful of new pokémon are super cool, and the battles are tough as nails. Just about all that one could reasonably ask for. Sadly, the plot goes out with more of a whimper than a bang.

Portal 2 (PC) – Cleanup job. Played the last 3rd(?) of the game to finish it after having forgotten it on the back burner since 2011. Great game!

Little Noah: Scion of Paradise (Switch) – A roguelite action platformer that I bought because the art is super cute. It turned out to be a ton of fun, exactly my type of game! The rogue elements also weren’t too bad, as the permanent power-ups stack up quickly and it’s not terribly difficult to line up a massively overpowered build.

Life is Strange: True Colors (PS5) – As much as I liked the original Life is Strange, I never bothered with any of the sequels. Until now! This one is very good! It’s lost the element that made the first game unique (the ability to rewind time), but still tells an interesting story and features a really excellent cast of characters.

Mega Man Legends (PS1) – Felt overdue for a replay on this one. Watch for it on YouTube in the coming weeks!

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm (PS5) – Watched many let’s plays of this game over the last two years, decided to finally buy it to support the dev team. It was kind of a surreal experience, and I really enjoyed it even though I already knew basically everything about the game. Will likely revisit to try out the unlockable endless mode.

~ Progress Notes ~

Returnal (PC) – Just goofin’

Mega Man X DiVE Offline (PC)- Jakob Orbital Elevator floor 105

HoloCure (PC) – Just grinding away

~ Purchases ~

  • Happy’s Humbe Burger Farm (PS5)

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