Monthend Video Game Wrap-Up: August 2023

~ Game Over ~

Final Fantasy XVI (PS5) – While I don’t think it’ll make the list of my favourite FFs, I did thoroughly enjoy this one. The combat is exciting, the story is great, and it’s easily got the best Cid in the franchise. Also, Torgal! Can’t forget Torgal!

Paper Mario (N64) – I sometimes wonder if the reason that I hate the modern Paper Marios less than most people is because I’ve never really revisited the original. Now I have! And, well… I think I get why people want a “true” sequel. It’s got an excellent foundation, but I did get annoyed by a lot of little things throughout the journey. Like how slow Mario is, and the limited inventory, and the booooring Peach segments.

Dr. Mario 64 (N64) – It’s weird that I’ve never played this before, right? Anyway, it’s Dr. Mario. Played the classic mode a bunch, and story mode twice.

Metroid II: Return of Samus (GB) – It’s not the most beloved Metroid, but it’s the one I grew up with. And it was pretty fun to revisit, having not played it since I was like seven or something. I’d say the biggest problem is that there’s no in-game map and all the environments look kind of samey, so it’s way too easy to get lost.

Pikmin 4 (Switch) – I was very afraid of this game going in, as the nighttime missions were an absolutely terrifying prospect. If you don’t know why… you haven’t played Pikmin. But actually they’re really fun. And so is the rest of the game. Like, really fun. Like, GOTY candidate fun. I feel like that’s saying a lot when factoring in that 2023 has already been basically the best year ever for viddygames IMO.

HoloCure: Save the Fans! (PC) – Vampire Survivors but for weebs. Which is to say that it’s a very fun arcade survival game that is all about VTubers. I got really into it because of the former, and despite my apathy for the latter. It’s got a buttload of unlocks, excellent music, and a mini-farming sim mode tacked on, and it’s all FREE.

Dead Beacon (PC) – A first-person survival horror that I thought was a sequel to Nightmare of Decay. It isn’t! They’re just two strikingly similar games from different developers. Regardless, it was fun to explore a new mansion filled with monsters, puzzles, and themed keys. Plus, you get to draw on the map in this one!

~ Progress Notes ~

Moonlighter (Switch) – Second dungeon

Wario Land 3 (GBC) – 89/100 treasures

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PC) – Hospital

Peglin (PC) – Peglin never dies

~ Purchases ~

  • Pikmin 4 (Switch)
  • Pikmin 3 Deluxe (Switch)
  • Vampire Survivors (Switch)

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