Liveblogging the Nintendo E3 Spotlight presentation

Okay, not really “liveblogging” as it’s usually done. I’m not going to update this post with each thought I have. I’m just going to write down every thought as it goes through my brain and collect them here, then embed the video once it’s over. Let’s a-go!

9:39 – It’s still over an hour away. Also, I am not technically using my lunch hour yet, so I should probably get back to work until the show actually starts.

10:58 – Two minutes away!


You know what, forget timestamps. They’re just gonna slow me down.

It’s beginning!

Oh, ARMS. Why are they still wasting time on this? It comes out in… oh, no it’s a sizzle reel. I guess that’s okay then.

Was that Rocket League? I don’t care, but I know many will be jazzed.

God, do I ever love the Splatoon 2 pink/green colour scheme.

It’s Reggie. Stop being philosophical, Reggie. Just show me games. Or silly skits like previous years.

XENOBLADE 2! HYPE! Great place to start! It is even more anime than ever, but I don’t even care. Music seems dope, natch. Still slated for 2017, even!

Kirby! New Kirby! Animal friends are back! And monster allies! And good lord is it ever pretty!

Hi Takahashi. I’m also glad that Switch has been so successful.

Oh man, I sure would like to have a plush Bewear.

Pokkén DX is cool, but there was a whole thing about it last week… CORE POKEMON GAME ON SWITCH!? BWUUHHH!?!? YESSSSSSS

What’s this space… Metroid! Prime! FOUR! EVERYONE LIE ON THE GROUND

Another Yarn Yoshi game? Fortunately, it’s so different (and upon closer inspection, it seems more like Felt Yoshi), it doesn’t even seem like overkill.

I am so hype for Fire Emblem Warriors. Even more now that Girl Corrin is confirmed!

Guh. I can’t believe that the Zelda gear is going to be enough to get me to buy Skyrim again.

Breath of the Wild DLC looks cool. But I still might pass until the rest of it comes out in winter. I will do my best to pass on those new amiibos, too, but I may need to splurge on Mipha.

Shoo, Reggie! Tournaments are cool, but I’m here to see new games!

Mario + Rabbids looks excellent. Like a ridiculous take on XCOM. I honestly can’t wait. Good on you, Ubisoft, for finally doing something I have the slightest interest in.

Oh, yeah, there’s Rocket League. I still don’t care. Sorry. Cross-platform play is sweet, though.

So now there are photorealistic dinosaurs in Super Mario Odyssey? Okay. That’s not the weirdest part by a long shot. The game looks completely insane and amazing, and is by far the most creative thing I’ve seen from E3 this year. And it’s out in October! Whoo!

Is it just me, or did the Mario Odyssey song sound like it came directly out of Katamari Damacy?

After a few minutes of reflection, yes, I think Nintendo “won” E3 quite handily this year. I was just so bored by most of Sony’s presentation, and I really do not give a single flip about whatever Microsoft is up to. Maybe I’ll type up a more thoughtful thing tonight. Maybe not. Time will tell!

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