24 Days of Desire (24): Christmas Crunch

I know that I already did a Cap’n Crunch post, but it’s Xmas Eve and I wanted to do an entry that’s specifically related to the holiday(s). There honestly aren’t too many Xmas-related things that I want, so we’ll have to swallow our pride and go for the low-hanging fruit: seasonal cereal.

I guess there are a lot to choose from, when it comes to cereals that get a red-and-green-coloured rebrand ’round December. Or, at least, there’s a lot to choose from if you’re an American. I went looking for any sort of holiday-flavoured cereals against my better judgement (to stay out of stores because COVID) and found squat for my troubles.

Obviously, the top choice would be Christmas Crunch, which I believe is just Crunch Berries that are dyed red and green instead of the usual colours. Which is fine. I’m a big fan of Crunch Berries. When they recently became readily available in my neck of the woods, I wept with joy for days. But it would sure be nice to have the ones that fit the season!

Actually, I just looked it up out of curiosity, and the Crunch Berries are not only Xmas colours, but they’re shaped like stars and festive trees! Maaaaaaan what a rip job it is to live in Canada.

On the other hand, when I was out searching, I did come across what I believed to be Christmas Crunch from a distance (I was not wearing my glasses). Behold!

Alright, Quaker Oats Company. I’ll let you off the hook this time. It’s not really at the right time of year (somewhere around Canada Day would be more appropriate), but I suppose a half-hearted apology for not giving us the pancakes is better than no apology at all. At least I can ignore the box and pretend that this is Santa Crunch cereal.

And with that, the 24 Days of Desire are complete! Huzzah! Every time I do this, I forget what a huge pain in the ass it is to write a blog post each day for nearly an entire month. Unless I can come up with a really good theme, I’m taking next year off.

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