24 Days of Desire (13): A space-filler

Got another quick one today. There’s this space above my bed, and I’ve been meaning to fill it with something for years now. I just don’t know what it is that should go there. I was hoping that at some point, I’d have a flash of inspiration, or see the perfect thing whilst shopping for something else.

Alas! Four and a half years later and I have still not been wowed enough by anything to have hung it above my bed. The wall remains empty and cold.

To be fair, I haven’t exactly been on an active lookout for something to put there. It’s not a place my mind really goes. Though my brother did recently get a custom print of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate cast poster, and it’s pretty cool. I was thinking maybe I’d get myself one, but ehhhhh, I don’t know if it would be quite right.

And it’s this kind of flip-floppery that has kept me in a perpetual state of an empty above-bed wall. Curse my indecisive nature!

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