24 Days of Desire (5): The Always Pan

I’m not much of a cook. I try sometimes, but for the most part I’m just too lazy to be making anything that requires more effort than turning the oven/microwave/air fryer on. That said, my frying pan is more or less my best friend in the kitchen, and I use it all the damn time.

I’m a sentimental fool, so the idea of parting with my frying pan after nearly a decade together seems unthinkable. But the old girl is getting on in age; she’s developed a pretty severe tilt which ensures that oil and eggs always pool over to one side, and more than a few permanent battle scars. It’s time to move onward and upward, and the solution to my problems came to me in an unexpectedly helpful YouTube ads.

I say that because YouTube ads are typically for trash products that I would never even consider buying into. (Especially YouTube Premium.)

The Always Pan is apparently able to fulfill all of your cooking needs. Or at least, it claims to be able to replace 8 other pieces of cookware. The big upgrade here for me is the non-stick surface. If my frying pan ever had non-stick abilities, they are long, long gone. The thing needs to be coated with a pretty think layer of margarine to keep my eggs from becoming one with the pan.

But the most amazing feature by far is that built-in spoon rest! It’s incredible! I always hate having to find somewhere to sit my utensils while cooking, and now it’s right there!! I actually have a standalone spoon rest sitting on my stovetop, but I hate the idea of dirty spoons dripping onto it, so it’s really there more for decoration than anything.

The downside of The Always Pan is that like any trendy cookware, it’s ridiculously overpriced. I mean, it’s probably also because they aren’t manufactured using child labour, but still. It’s so stupidly expensive that I would absolutely never buy one for myself. The value doesn’t justify the price tag of $200 Canadabux. But I did put one on my wish list to Santy Claus, so we’ll see!

Or, I’ll see. You probably won’t, since I don’t do Xmas haul articles any more.

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