24 Days of Desire (6): Maverick Hunter’s Field Guide

I like a lot of things. I like Mega Man, reading, and video game lore, to name a few. And it just so happens that today’s entry is an items that checks all three of those boxes.

Mega Man X: Maverick Hunter’s Field Guide is, as I understand it, something of a character bible for the Mega Man X series. Contained within are complete bios for (probably) each and every character that has ever appeared in one of the games. And that’s a lot, because it includes all of the boss robots, of which there are at least eight new ones in each sequel.

This book appeals to me because there really isn’t a lot of character building in the actual games. You’re told that a bunch of robots are doing bad things, and that you need to go blast them. Then you go blast them and ask questions later. The farther into the series you go, it gets a little more likely that your enemies will get a line of dialogue before the fight or as they’re exploding. But I know that Capcom has written entire backgrounds and personalities for each and every one of these guys, and I would very much would like to have the book that has compiled all that information!

It’s all about the deep lore, man!

My plan for the 24 Days of Desire was to list things that I want, but wouldn’t realistically go out and get for myself for one reason or another. Though I’m totally puzzled by why I don’t own this book yet. It’s not prohibitively expensive. I can easily buy it online from Amazon. I know that I’d definitely read it and not just put it on the overstuffed bookshelf to collect dust. It’s one heck of a mystery!

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