The 24 Days of Gluttony : Day 15 – Pillsbury Hot Cocoa Cookies

One thing that people are starting to learn about me, because I post about it on Facebook fairly often, is that I love baking cookies. Well, once I get into it, anyway. It’s one of those “do I really want to set aside the time to do this?” kind of activities, but I always end up having a lot of fun once I decide to get started.

And it should be said that 90% of the time, I do made-from-scratch cookies. In the rare case that I volunteer to make cookies for some sort of event, I’ll probably go with pre-made dough to save myself a heap of time. And then there are Pillsbury’s fancy holiday-flavoured cookies…

I fall for the pumpkin spice ones every year because they are God-tier among pre-made cookie doughs, but these ones are new to me. So naturally I bought a pack. And you know, they’d be really good if you have kids or whatever, because you just need to plop the dough cylinders down on a baking sheet and then shove it in the oven. It gives you the sensation of baking and makes your home smell wonderful without having to deal with all the mess and measuring. It’s nice. They’re nice. Good on Pillsbury for providing a nice middle ground for bakers.

How do the cookies taste? They’re quite good! Again, I am ga-ga over the pumpkin spice ones, and hot cocoa couldn’t hope to measure up, but they’re perfectly good. I’m not really into a chocolate cookie kind of guy, but it’s all in service of that cocoa theme so I’ll give it a pass. Plus I very much dig the marshmallows. It’s a nice touch that I wouldn’t have ever dared to try in my own cookies.

If I have to knock it for one thing, it’s for a common trait to all the flavoured Pillsbury cookies that are sold in this fashion: they’ve got this weird “glazed” texture to them. I have no idea what that’s about, but I have to assume it’s a side-effect of some kind of preservative. Or there’s just way too damn sugar in these. You’ll have to ask someone smarter than me if you want a real answer. But it’s definitely a thing that happens, and it weirds me out just a little.

Aside from that one minor quibble, I’d absolutely recommend these. I mean, maybe skip them if you aren’t down with the double-chocolate. Otherwise, they’re v good. Would buy again.

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