The 24 Days of Gluttony : Day 14 – Chapman’s Shortbread Ice Cream

Friday… I’m not looking at my spreadsheet right now, so I don’t know for sure what today’s theme is supposed to be. I would venture a guess that it’s “wildcard 2” as I’m positive that I don’t have a day of the week dedicated specifically to ice cream.

By the way, today’s review is of ice cream.

Chapman’s shortbread ice cream! It’s something different! I’ve gotten extremely used to peppermint/candy cane ice cream being a thing during the holiday season over the years, but shortbread is new to me. At least, if I’ve had it before, it was completely unmemorable. And that’s kind of how I felt about it now, too.

Being a lazy, single guy, I plopped down on the couch and started scooping the ice cream right out of the bucket. My first impression was that it was just vanilla with a very faint hint of caramel. That’s not shortbread at all. But then, after digging down deep enough, I hit something solid. It turned out to be a giant hunk of shortbread cookie. It’s almost literally what’s pictured on the bucket, only buried in the ice cream, rather than sticking out the top. I have a feeling that they just took the one cookie, snapped it in half, and mixed the chunks in, because it kind of seems like there were only the two. Truth be told, I haven’t eaten all that much of this ice cream yet, so there may yet be more to uncover. I still think it’s really strange that it’s giant hunks of cookie, rather than mashed up bits of cookie that are distributed more evenly.

At the end if the day, it’s alright. Perfectly adequate, but nothing special. There’s no doubt that I would have been more satisfied with the candy cane ice cream, but that’s so played out and I wanted something different for this feature. I won’t be buying this shortbread ice cream again, but mostly because I almost never buy ice cream. I literally only did so for the sake of having something to write about. It’s fine; I wouldn’t give it the heartiest recommendation, but you could do much worse.

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