Doing all right

It’s a day late, but Happy New Year to all! Oh, and it’s even later, but a Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate as well. We all know I hate to work while I’m supposed to be slacking, and that’s how I’m gonna explain the lack of updates. But there should be two new articles this weekend and maybe another one next week. Chances for that are low because a)I’m lazy and b)I’ve gotta finish a huge project before Friday. But definetly two on the weekend. and they’re both 2-pagers as well, so there will be plenty to read. Plus, I’ve got a comic to post, so all is good. Well, that’s all for today. And sadly, there won’t be much more for the month, what with exams and all, so I’ll post when I can, but don’t expect much until February!

~Ryan out.

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