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It’s a gas

It’s a gas

My latest contribution to the cesspool of hentai and retards that is the internet is up. It’s dated for tomorrow, but whatever. I didn’t spellcheck it either, so be prepared for barge-sized loads of typos. Overall it’s about as half-assed as the covered subject, really.

In better news, I finally got around to watching Man With The Screaming Brain this afternoon. I bought it like two months ago, and only now sat down to watch it. I find that happens quite often, actually. But anyway, it was a rather quirky movie. It’s about this American businessman who goes on a busniess trip to Bulgaria, and winds up with rather severe brain damage. To fix it, this crazy doctor replaces half of his brain with that of an ex-KGB agent. Hilarity and robots ensue. I pretty much just bought it because it’s written/directed/produced by Bruce Campbell, and he also happens to play the main character. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this like a jillion times, but Bruce Campbell’s my hero. Anyway, good movie, and I heartily recommend it. Even better than Bubba Ho-Tep.

And oh, hey, only one Wiik to go. God that was a terrible pun.

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