You’ve given me some hope

Geez, I’ve been bad at blogging lately. A week and a half off work and not even a crappy filler post? Shameful.

So during said week, there was quite a lot going on (at least for me). My one goal for the week though, was to get to the end of Final Fantasy XIII. It may have been on Monday, I don’t quite remember, but I did beat it. Hooray! There used to be a time when it would have taken maybe two weeks for me to power through to the end of it, and not two and a half months. Hell, even that’s pretty speedy for me these days. I am so not done with the game though, as there are still a good two dozen marks to hunt, and plenty of achievements to earn. Maybe some aren’t so worth the necessary time/grind investment (the one for having every weapon and piece of equipment, for example), but I think it’s a fun enough game that I’ll stick to it for a while at least.

I’ve also been very slowly plucking away at Final Fantasy on my phone whenever I have five minutes to spare. And actually, now that I think about it, I’m currently playing through 5 different FF game. The aforementioned two, as well as Dissidia, Final Fantasy IV DS (wherein I am brickwalled at Rubicante), and Final Fantasy XII (wherein I stalled out again because my PS2 isn’t hooked up). I think I may have a problem. Especially considering that I intend to move into both Dissidia 012 and Final Fantasy II once I finish their predecessors. Can you believe that there was a good four- or five-year period where I was opposed to RPGs?

In other news, Resident Evil: the Mercenaries 3D is exactly as addictive as the Mercs mode in RE5. Only it’s free to play online! Hooray!

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