Real Ultimate Victory

Tigrex isn’t the biggest monster. Nor is he the last one you face. He’s not even on the cover of Monster Hunter Freedom: Unite (though to be fair he was on the cover of Monster Hunter Freedom 2). What he is, and forever will be, is my least favourite monster to hunt. Kushala Daora? Annoying, but not so bad. Lunastra? Way too strong, but not nearly as cheap. Tigrex? I hate you.

This is a photo of the first tigrex I was ever able to bring down. Probably my most hard-fought video game achievement ever. I might have lasted long enough to slay the bastard, but I didn’t want to take that chance. Tigrex can and will destroy you in a matter of seconds if you give him the opportunity. I just loathe the thought of having to face a buffed-up version of this guy once I get into the high-rank quests. Maybe I’ll have to consider this particular Monster Hunter experience complete one I’m done the low-ranks. Tigrex is the monster that makes Monster Hunter so hard that it’s not fun anymore. (And that’s saying a lot, because I find Monster Hunter to be super fun!)

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