Now I’m on the “nice” list

Hey everybody! Guess what I have for you today. That’s right! A plug! Today we give a shout out to my good buddy Mike! Back in the old days Mike’s site would change radically every couple months or so, but lately it’s been very consistent, and with that consistency comes plently of good reading. While Mike’s articles and reviews might not always drone on for as long as mine do, there are tons of them, and he posts pertinent updates far more frequently than I do. Also on your to-visit list should be the ever-popular forums. I recommend signing up (though if my forums are of any indication, people don’t take my recommendations to sign up very often), as there is always something interesting going on there. And while I’m at it, I hate to spread rumours about something before it’s really even in serious discussion, but there’ve been talks about a group site floating around lately… How do you like them apples?

And now for something completely different; Reader-submitted links! And they say I never do anything for the fans.

Death by gaming

Revolution unveiled to MTV peoples!

Robot Chicken clips

Diamond-encrusted iPod nano

Poor want “real” computers

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