Return of the Video

I don’t know if you follow my YouTube channel at all -and if you don’t, that’s fine- but I took a couple months off from posting anything in April and May. Mostly because I was starting to lose the passion for “creating” video “content.” Putting all those hours into editing just wasn’t feeling worth it for the pithy amount of views I get. But I’m back now! For how long? Nobody can truly say, but I do have videos lined up to at least midway through August, so there will be new stuff going up over there for at least that long.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been going on at TE-Video throughout June:

  • Cookie Cutter – I’m not too sure why I decided to record my playthrough of this one, but if I hadn’t… my let’s play “career” might still be in the grave right now. (Is that a good or a bad thing?) My time off left me sloppy, though, and the first three (of six) episodes have pretty bad audio balancing, making my voiceover hard to hear most of the time. Whoops! But it is a very cool game, and I would absolutely recommend tuning in to see what it’s all about, or just flat-out buying and playing it yourself. It’s totally worth whatever you choose to invest into it, in my opinion.
  • Super Mario Land in 2024 – I’d been wanting to replay this for a while, and I figured why not just record the playthrough so I can just watch it the next time I feel the itch. Nothing too exciting here, just my playing the game and recounting my memories of it as I go. (You can also watch this on Rumble here.)
  • Game Boy Mega Mans – I played each of the five Mega Man games for Game Boy for the first time since 2017 or so, and had a good time! With some of them, at least… and I’ve got succinct write-ups for each one in the upcoming Month End post. But if you want to get my full impressions for each game, why not click that link?
  • Ryan’s Pop-Tarts Review #83 – Yeah, I made a post about this the other day, so you probably should have already watched this. I only bring it up again because it really boggles my mind that I’ve done 83 of these stupid things so far. (And there are plenty more coming!)

So that’s everything that went live in June and is coming in the first half of July, but what’s coming up after that?

  • Killer Frequency – This is a fun narrative adventure game, where you play the role of a radio host who ends up having to try to help people avoid a serial killer. Over the radio. It’s a silly premise, but a very fun game, and I think it’s absolutely worth watching (whether it’s my series or someone else’s) if you don’t plan on actually playing it. Which you really should. [3 episode series starts July 22]
  • Quest for Camelot (GBC) – Continuing to plumb the depths of Nintendo Switch Online’s Game Boy catalog, I came to… this. All I have to say right now is that I never would have expected this game, of all games, to be the one to make me chuck my headphones across the room. [2 episode series starts July 25]
  • Willy’s Wonderland – I’ll defend the movie until the day I die, but there’s no excuse for how poor this video game tie-in is. At least it was cheap! Honestly, this one probably isn’t worth watching. The game is very repetitive and boring, and I don’t think my commentary is interesting or funny enough to save it. [One-shot, Aug 8]
  • Wario Ware Inc – You may have read my written review of this game a great many years ago. Soon, you’ll be able to watch me play it in real-time! This is probably not an especially exciting announcement, but personally, I quite like choosing let’s play subjects from the library of games that I wrote articles about back in the day. It’s like a double-dip of nostalgia! [4 episode series starts Aug 8]
  • Another Code: Recollection – I stalled out halfway through the “A Journey Into Lost Memories” part of the game and haven’t had the drive to get back into it. Three recorded episodes have just been sitting on my hard drive, unedited and unloved, for months now. Hopefully I’ll finish the game and the LP series before 2024 is done!
  • Ryan’s Pop-Tarts Review #84 – Like I said above, there are more on the way. How many and when, I don’t know yet. But one of my personal goals for 2024 is to post six Pop-Tarts Reviews throughout the year, so there will be at least five more going up between now and December 31st.

And that’s everything I have on the docket at the moment. No random junk food reviews planned at all, which is a shame because those seem to be the main draw of my channel, but those tend to happen on a whim, so even I don’t usually know about them until I’m in the process of recording them.

I do have a handful of videos ready to go for Spooktober 2024, but we’ll get into those when the season gets a bit closer

If you’re not at all into my video content, well… I don’t have much else to tell you. But by all means, feel free to leave suggestions. I’ve been thinking about trying to record a few of my written reviews as video reviews, but I’m not sure where I want to start. Tell me if there’s something specific you’d like to see!

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