Month End Video Game Wrap-Up: April 2024

~ Game Over ~

Princess Peach: Showtime! (Switch) – Cleared the game, enjoyed it. I can’t see it landing on anyone’s GOTY list, but it was cute and fun, and I certainly don’t regret putting in the time and effort to hit the 100% clear (though the post-game content is another story entirely).

Final Fantasy XVI (PS5) – Booted it up for the last(?) time to play The Rising Tide DLC. It was good! More substantial than Fallen Echoes, but the boss fight wasn’t quite as awesome. I like the new challenge mode too, though I’m not nearly good enough at the game to earn a leaderboard-worthy score.

There’s Something in the Ice (PC) – Indie horror. Vibe is a little like a cross between The Thing and Amnesia: The Bunker, but the gameplay is very much a basic walking simulator. Sound design and atmosphere were really good, but it doesn’t really stand out in its genre otherwise.

Who Knocks (PC) – Something of a spiritual sequel to Lost Alone. Who Knocks has the exact same gameplay, inventory, graphics, etc… but the story is different and has a bit of a twist. Oh and also there’s some actual combat in this one. All that is to say: while I quite enjoyed it, it’s definitely not a game for everyone.

~ Progress Notes ~

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (PS5) – Chapter 9.

Skül: The Hero Slayer (PS4) – Made it up to the second boss.

Robocop: Rogue City (PC) – Arrived at OCP tower.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments (PS4) – Fifth case.

Another Crab’s Treasure (PS5) – Started the treasure hunt.

~ Purchases ~

  • Who Knocks (PC)
  • Bloody Ink (PC)
  • There’s Something in the Ice (PC)
  • Another Crab’s Treasure (PS5)

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