Revenge of Dream Donut

Yesterday was a Pokémon GO “community day” event. It’s been lackluster for the last… two-and-a-half years due to the whole pandemic situation, but it looks like we’re back in business!

That is to say, I went out to properly “participate” in the event, and consumed far too much junk food along the way. Said junk food being the current slate of Tim Horton’s’s Dream Donuts. Have a gander!

Don’t worry, I didn’t eat all of the donut pictured above. I shared them. Or, more accurately, they were shared with me. I mean, I didn’t buy them. I’m past the donut-purchasing phase of my life.

If I’m honest, I don’t remember what the last ones I reviewed were. Though I can say that I’m pretty sure the Birthday Cake Confetti donut is a repeat; if not from the last batch, from some point in time. I know I’ve eaten a very similar donut before. So I skipped it. But it’s a cake donut with sprinkles, strawberry fondant, and a big ol’ glob of icing sitting in the hole. Even if I haven’t actually eaten this donut before, I feel like I’d have a very good guess at how it tastes.

To the left we have the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake donut. This one is definitely going to have a place on my Top 10 Disappointments of 2022 list. Just look at it! The potential! When you take that first bite, the peanut butter and chocolate glazed on top combine to make your taste buds dance! The mistake is taking the second bite, wherein you will most certainly get a glob of the “cheesecake” filling. According to the official copy, it’s supposed to be peanut butter cheesecake filling, but I think that’s a load of hogwash. It’s a tart creme that completely ruins the otherwise decadent flavour profile of the donut. I’ve eaten actual peanut butter cheesecake, and the junk in the middle of this donut was not it.

Lastly, and winner by default (but also because it’s great), is the S’mores donut. A comparatively simple donut, but executed to perfection. This is a yeast donut covered in marshmallow fondant, graham crumbles, and chocolate drizzle, it exudes s’mores and tastes great. But then it gets better! There are also little surprise pockets of chocolate filling all throughout the donut! And I have to say that I’m a huge fan of surprise pockets of chocolate filling. A week ago I never would have expected to type that sentence, but here we are!

Given that they are cake donuts with filling, the S’mores donuts are also the biggest of the trio, even with the hole, which is another win. These beasts cost roughly a dollar more than the average donut, so you want to be getting the most bang for your buck. Given the size and taste dominance of the S’mores donut, I’d say that it’s really the only one worth going for.

On a loosely related note, I never realized how hard it is to type the word “s’mores” before today. My fingers just refuse to put an apostrophe after the first letter of a word. I swear that apostrophe ended up in a different place every time.

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