Long Live this King

Preface: My favourite fruit is mango. My favourite general food is hamburgers. Rarely do they meet.

But then I got an ad for this monstrosity from Burger King in my mailbox:

So obviously, I had to rush out immediately and get myself one. And let me tell you, this sandwich does not disappoint!

The key feature is the mango-habanero sauce, obviously. I was a little skeptical of whether or not any mango flavour was actually going to come through, but I was wrong. So wrong. This sauce is aggressively mango. It might actually be too much for the average person, but I found that it complimented the rest of the burger’s flavours very nicely.

Then it settles in your mouth and becomes even more aggressive when the habanero kicks in. I always jump at the chance to try a new spicy burg, and I have to say that this is by far the hottest hamburger I’ve ever eaten. Like, I was sweating halfway through. The liberally-applied jalapenos probably didn’t help there. Though it’s possible that the excessive amount of meat is partly to blame, since I eat very little meat these days.

Let’s talk about that meat, shall we? Two patties and five strips of bacon (I counted!). That’s… yeah, that’s excessive. BK offers this sandwich in both single and double formats, but what they don’t tell you is that the double is the default option. Probably should have been obvious from the promo images, but I’m dumb like that. If I’d known better, I definitely would have gone with the single. As delicious as this burger was, I felt like absolute trash for the rest of the evening.

I also felt a little bit bad that this hamburger is completely devoid of vegetables. You could have thrown a leaf of lettuce on there to ease my mind, Burger King. But I suppose that one doesn’t go to BK when the goal is a healthy meal, so I can’t very well complain. The burger was delicious! And if I wasn’t trying so friggin’ hard to improve my diet, I’d definitely partake in more of them. One for the sake of science (finding out how mango tastes on a hamburger is definitely a legitimate scientific pursuit), I can allow, but no more than that.

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