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Sounds of the Sewer-folk

Sounds of the Sewer-folk

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge was released a couple days ago. My first (emphasis on first) playthrough has been recorded and will go live on YouTube on Monday.

However! There is a much more important matter to discuss: HOLY BALLS IS THE SOUNDTRACK EVER GOOD!

While the trailers aptly communicated that the gameplay and pixel-art would be right on point, I was a little concerned about the quality of the soundtrack. As someone who listens to the TMNT III: The Manhattan Project and TMNT: Turtles in Time soundtracks all the damn time, it was very important to me that Shredder’s Revenge had a soundtrack that lived up to the legacy.

So it makes me happy that it not only met my expectations, but soars far, far beyond that lofty mark. Nobody’s perfect, so there are a couple tracks that drag just a little, but it’s generally safe to say that this is a collection of bangers from front to back. This soundtrack made such a good impression on me that halfway through listening to it, I hopped over to Bandcamp and bought it on compact disc. I even left a comment on the YouTube video stating so!

It’s hard to qualify any individual tracks as “best” when the entire compilation is sick as hell, but here are a few preliminary selections for tracks that I’ll be blasting at max volume while I drive:

  • Big Apple, 3PM
  • Mutants Over Broadway
  • Panic in the Sky (featuring Jonny Atma!!!)
  • It’s A Pizza Party (featuring Mega Ran!!!!)

All that said, I don’t especially care for the re-arranged version of the 80’s cartoon theme. The instrumentation is fine, but the re-recorded vocals are all off-beat and sound really weird. But that’s my only real complaint! Pretty darn good!

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