24 Days of Desire (22): Fazbear Frights

I was all gung-ho to write this post about how I wanted a physical collection of the Fazbear Frights book series, and how I was sad that in this age of digital everything it would likely never happen.

And then I was proved wrong. It’s happening in February of 2022.

Fazbear Frights, if you’re not familiar, is a series of short stories loosely based on the Five Nights at Freddy’s games. Each book contains three stories apiece, and they’re kind of like the successor to Goosebumps. Except that every single one of these stories is about haunted animatronics, or children being murdered in a pizzeria, or at least something along those lines. It seems like there’s may be a lack of diversity in these stories, but I don’t really know! I haven’t read any of them! And as someone who self-identifies as a FNAF superfan, I feel like I really ought to. Even though from what I’ve heard, the quality of the stories is all over the place.

So, I guess this is still a valid entry, because it’s a thing that I want. But it’s also a thing that I’m definitely going to have. Because I’ve placed a pre-order for it on Amazon. Just now. Between this paragraph and the last. You’re welcome to judge me for buying a collection of horror stories for children, but please know that I do not care.

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