24 Days of Desire (15): Headphones

This is a simple one: I’d like a nice pair of headphones.

The thing that makes this tricky is that there are so many different kinds for such a wide range of prices, and I have no idea what I actually want in a headphone. Just something that does a good job of relaying sounds from a computer or video game console to my head, while also blocking as much outside noise as possible.

I know what I don’t want, though. I currently have a pair of headphones, Mega Man-themed, but they are broken so I can’t really use them. When they weren’t broken, however, I found that they were uncomfortable to wear for more than ten minutes because the pads were squishing my ears. Probably because they’re circular instead of oval- or rectangle-shaped to fit around the ears. But I didn’t like it, and I think that I would be much happier with normal headphones where the padded part goes all the way around my ears.

Oh, and I guess I’d also like headphones that have bluetooth capabilities. Because the Switch pro controller doesn’t have a headphone jack in it, for some reason.

Mostly though, I’m tired of rocking the earbuds when I’m on my PC, and would just like to have a nice, comfortable set of headphones instead. There are just too many to choose from! So if you have any suggestions, I’m listening!

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