24 Days of Desire (9): Son of Godzilla

Here’s a little-known fact about me: I have a collection of all of the (live action) Godzilla movies on either DVD or Blu-ray. Well, almost all of them. There happens to be one that I’m missing, and that’s because for some reason it’s very rare and thus unbelievably expensive. You’ve read the post title, but I guess I should reiterate that the one film in question is Son of Godzilla.

I manage to live without it by telling myself that Son of Godzilla is not something I’m really missing out on. I haven’t seen the film personally, so I can’t judge it in good faith, but just look at the cover! Those are some of the worst Godzilla puppets I’ve ever seen. The truth of it is, though, that it’s got a 60% on Rotten tomatoes, which is really not all that bad. For reference, the widely-accepted worst Godzilla movie, Godzilla’s Revenge, has a 25% rating.

But like I said, Son of Godzilla is expensive. $165 on Amazon! For one movie! How even!? It actually goes for as low as $43 on eBay, but that’s… that’s still unreasonable for a DVD with one movie on it. At least double what I’d be comfortable paying. It is the last one I need, though… Well, I guess there’s probably some Xmas money coming around the bend…

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