A crunchier cup

I don’t eat a lot of candy any more. Because I’m an adult, you see. And when adults eat candy, they get fat. I don’t really want to be fat, or at least, I don’t want to be any fatter than I currently am. Ergo, the moratorium on candy.

That said, I was at 7-11 the other day to pick up chips, pop and a bar, and while I was there I saw something new! You know how seldom I see new candy? Almost never! Living in Canada sucks that way!

Reese’s Big Cups have been around for ages. Big Cups with Reese’s Pieces in them have been around for almost as long. But Big Cups with chips inside of them!? This I have never seen before! I was planning to buy a pack of Big Cups to satisfy the ‘bar’ portion of my checklist, but wouldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams that they would also end up being the chips!

At first sight, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of these. Chips? Inside a Reese’s peanut butter cup? Madness! But actually… I works out really well. They’re honestly not that different from the Big Cups with Reese’s Pieces. It’s a Big Cup with a little bit of a crunchy texture inside. The chips are plain, and their saltiness is masked by the existing salt in the peanut butter.

I almost regret taking a picture of the mauled candy, as its innards look a little bit more sickly than a standard Big Cup. Then again, maybe it’s normal? When it comes to peanut butter cups of any description, they’re usually a one-bite affair for me. So I don’t really know. I just picture the insides of a peanut butter cup to be a little more vibrant and orangey. I could be absolutely wrong about that, though! What I do know, is that I absolutely cannot identify any chips within that mass.

The takeaway here is that I liked the Reese’s Big Cups With Potato Chips. It’s an unlikely ménage a trois, but it works. Will I buy them again? Probably not. I already went over how I rarely eat candy any more. This will be my one pack of Big Cups for 2021. But I would recommend that you go out and try them! Don’t make a special trip or anything, but if you’re, say, gassing up your vehicle and your sweet tooth starts to itch… these exist.

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