Square-Enix @ E3 2018

I listened to Square-Enix’s E3 press conference at work today. To say that listening to this video showcase instead of watching it took away some of the magic is an understatement; I registered so little hype from just listening to these trailers. To be fair, most of these games I probably wouldn’t have cared about too much anyway.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – I still haven’t played either of the previous games, so I have very little stock in this. It seems an awful lot like the kind of thing I’d like, but there’s currently a 100% chance that I will never actually find the time to play it.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood – Nope. Still don’t give a single flip about online Final Fantasies. The new Monster Hunter crossover content seems neat, but not enough to make me care at all.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit – So this is a free not-prologue to Life is Strange 2? Okay, cool. If it’s free, why the heck wouldn’t I try it? I liked Life is Strange quite a lot.

Dragon Quest XI – Yeah, I already know I want to play this. And the trailer did nothing for me because… it’s Dragon Quest. JRPG story trailers are all dumb cliché lines and I doubt the gameplay would be especially exciting to show off. Strange that they only showed off the PS4 version, but I guess the Switch version is just that far off.

Babylon’s Fall – I have no idea what this is outside of the fact that it’s developed by Platinum Games. So I’m definitely interested, but I’ll have to wait and see more before I invest myself emotionally or financially. (Apparently they showed no gameplay. Always a great sign.)

NiER: Automata – It’s on Xbox One now. Good for them. I love this game.

Octopath Traveler – The only Switch game in this presentation, but the only one I need to see. I am so hype for this, and it’s only a month away!

Just Cause 4 – I’m not going to start caring at the fourth game. Tornadoes are neat, though.

The Quiet Man – A mute guy who punches dark-alley punks. I’m going to need a lot of very good reasons why I should even begin to care about this. At least it’s not another sequel?

Kingdom Hearts III – Yep, mm-hmm. On board, obviously. I love the Sora & friends designs for the Monsters Inc world, and I genuinely cannot wait to goof around in the Toy Story and Wreck-It Ralph worlds. I don’t know if I’ll actually buy it, though. I’ll likely just borrow it from my brother like I did with all the other Kingdom Hearts games.

And that was that! Overall: underwhelming? Yeah. 3.5/10. The three games I’m strongly interested in, I was already sold on months or years ago, and Captain Spirit is mostly getting my attention because it’s free. I really hope the Sony presentation tonight is more exciting! Nintendo’s show (which airs tomorrow) automatically gets a pass because it’s going to have Super Smash Bros, but I have no idea if whatever else they show will be enough to stand out next to Smash. I just want a Metroid Prime 4 trailer.

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