Did You Know: Ryan is a Lazybones

Here’s an interesting tidbit: I have 18 posts listed as drafts. Not that I think anyone cares, just a weird little thing I figured I’d take note of. Now let’s break them down!

There are a whopping nine articles that I have left incomplete to some degree. Some are so very close to done, and others are like two paragraphs in. A couple I’ve been working on slowly because they are massive. One I took all the pictures for but never started writing. These may or may not ever be completed.

Three articles have been fully written, and are ready to post. Except that I need to get screenshots/pictures for them before they can go live. One even has all the pictures and I just need to make a fancy banner for it. Another has been constantly put off because I can’t post screenshots from the Switch directly to WordPress like I could with the WiiU.

One blog post was half-written out and then I realized how completely incoherent it was, so I decided to burn it down and start over. I have not followed through on the starting over part.

There is one blog post there that seems to be complete, and I think maybe that I just accidentally left it as a draft instead of hitting the Publish button.

Three articles/blog posts are there, half written, but have been sitting incomplete so long that they have become irrelevant it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to post them now. I might finish and post them anyway, but I may also just let them languish as half-finished drafts forever.

Finally, there is one post, fully written and complete, which will remain a draft forever. Because it’s a piece of writing that means a lot to me and I want to keep, but I don’t feel like I should be sharing it with anyone. It’s not anything interesting or embarrassing, either, so don’t waste your time hacking your way in to get at it.

And that’s that. Personally, I thought there would be more finished articles that just need pictures. I know I’m really bad about procrastinating on those pictures.

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