My Organ Harvesting Diary: Day Three

Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden continues to plod along. Only partly because the game itself is slow. I am also to blame because I’m not making an effort to make time to play it more. Though that does keep me from having to do these write-ups too often, so I suppose there’s a bit of a bright side there.

I don’t remember if it was the ending of chapter two or the beginning of chapter three when I was told about tree sap. It seems that on a quality tree, sap will sometimes appear and will have varying effects. It took damn near forever for a sap to actually show up. Pretty sure it was after my kidney tree hit level 30. Anyway, I saw a total of three saps that session, the first and third made all my trees bloom organs immediately, but the second one did the little raining sap animation and then… nothing. At least nothing that was perceptible at the time. Sap seems to be too rare and too unpredictable to be of any strategic use. Maybe just a nice bonus once in a while.

I also received a pickling pot, into which I can place organs to… pickle them. I think it had a more fantastical name, but I didn’t bother to learn it because “pickling pot” is just so much more fun to say. From a story perspective, the process of pickling magical organs removes the soul from them. So then you’re free to stuff multiple magical organs into the same thing without the problem of their souls clashing and tearing space-time to pieces. Or some nonsense like that.

After what felt like forever (even longer than finding a sap), i finally managed to grow an excellent heart. I think the problem was that the trees need to be a certain level to grow better organs. And then the creepy woman in black from chapter two came back and took it from me before I had a chance to turn in a quest for it and earn a fistful of worthless money. Easy come, easy go. *shrug*

Speaking of money, I also unlocked another animal. This time it’s butterflies, and they are crazy expensive. Like, even having turned in what felt like a million pointless “grow X number of Y organ” quests, I could only afford one. However, the butterflies apparently cause organs to ripen faster, which is nice in theory, but I think they only work on a single organ at a time, rather than affecting all organs on a tree. So, not sure if they’re actually all that helpful in the long run.

As far as story goes, the creepy doll returned, asking for more organs to be more human-like. So we pickled a stomach for her, because like I was saying before, apparently having more than one fresh magic organ in the same being is a major no-no. There was also a witch that came by, who revealed that we are growing “Seraphim Fruit” which is a pretty fitting name for magic organs, I’d say. Only then the shop owner admitted that we actually only grow fakes. Fake magic organs. What the heck is even supposed to be happening in this story. And that same witch bought a wheelbarrow full of mincemeat to craft homuncluli. This cannot end well.

The chapter ended on a scene of the shopkeeper and her friend (I cannot be bothered to remember their names) having a existential conversation about pets. The shopkeeper is a cat person and her friend a dog person. I’d like to switch employers, please.

When will I play this again next? Will anything start to make sense? Is this story and/or the gameplay actually going anywhere? I sure as heck don’t have any of the answers!

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