Is it Greasy, or Gree-hee-heeasy?

The Trailer Park Boys mobile game, Greasy Money, was released yesterday. 4/20. Of course.

I’ve put some time into it, and it’s basically just another clicker game (“waiting simulator” if you prefer), but with a little bit of added complexity. So it’s really striking all the sweet spots for me.

The one thing that I really dislike about it is that while it has a unique plot, all of the story beats after the opening cutscene are stolen wholesale from the show. Even all the jokes are just pulled straight from a list of the show’s most quotable lines. It’s really lazy. Thumbs down.

But that’s fairly minor. It’s still one of those games that worms its way into your life and only lets go once you decide to turn off notifications. Considering that, I’ll probably stick with it longer than any other mobile game ever. So maybe like a week?

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