Migraine Watch: August 4/16

I’m a little bit worried that it hasn’t been even three months since the last migraine attack that I experienced. I haven’t ever had two happen so close together. And of course, this is after I was so happy last time that they had spaced out farther than ever before.

Anyway, this one rolled out almost exactly the same as the previous one, only my arm and jaw got all tingly first, and then it moved into my brain and stunted my communication abilities.

To be honest, I’m much more worried about the aura effects than the actual headaches. It’s terrifying to be put in a place where you can literally no longer form coherent sentences, when you feel like your basic comprehension of language is quickly disappearing. Even worse when you’re in the middle of a work day and you can’t communicate to anyone what’s happening to you.

But it passed, and then I went home, worried for the whole ride that I was going to throw up in the bus. I didn’t. Arrived at home, took an ibuprofen, and passed out for a couple hours. When I awoke, the worst was over and only the lingering pain of the headache remained.

If nothing else, at least the actual headache part seems to be getting milder with each attack. I don’t know if that’s much comfort in the wake of the escalating aura effects. Is my brain falling apart? Should I be worried? I think it’s time to talk to a doctor.

Start : 3:00 PM (aura), 3:50 PM (migraine)

End : roughly 8:00 PM

Aura : Numbness in right hand/forearm, moving to jaw. Transition to dizziness and great difficulty thinking/spelling (I tried to spell “transition” and it came out “transviserinfverinsiverinsioncervisionversiong”). Finally, inability to focus visually.

Triggers: Lack of sleep (likely), stress (less likely), maybe something in my diet?

Medication : Ibuprofen (2 pills, taken during actual migraine)


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