Xmas notes

I’m highly considering writing up a full article about my christmas haul – for old time’s sake, if nothing else. There are a few related notes I don’t want to hold in. They are as follows:

  •  I wasn’t as excited about Christmas this year as I usually am. I’m not really sure why. Guess being old has ruined another thing for me.
  • Stephanie bought me Batman: Arkham City, which forced me to start burning through Arkham Asylum. I played it for roughly ten straight hours yesterday. Now I can’t wait to start Arkham City because it’s supposed to be even better, but how is that even possible?
  • Mario Kart 7 is great, but damn, do my hands cramp up when I play a 3DS game that uses the shoulder buttons a lot.
  • Just Dance 3 is not a good game for fatties. I only played two songs yesterday and I’m still a little winded.
  • This is a terrible time to cut down on junk food consumption. There are tubs and tubs of baking in the freezer, calling my name…
  • I only got two video games for Christmas. Not that I’m complaining, it just seems weird. Though not so much when I consider that I only asked for three.
  • I naively ventured out to pick up a copy of Skyrim yesterday (because I had a gift card). Waited in line at Gamestop for over half an hour. Boxing day/week people suck.

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