Smash Speculation: Ravio

Welp, Super Smash Bros for 3DS has been out for half a week in Japan now, and I’m sure that that’s half a week more than Japan needed to entirely unravel the game and learn all of its secrets. But I’m going to try to avoid spoilers as best I can, and truth be told, it’s still August as I’m writing this.

~ Ravio ~


I know that I’ve already done two Zelda characters for this silly feature, but A Link Between Worlds is quite possibly the best Zelda game of them all, and I think it deserves more representation than a handful of trophies. So I present to you today: Ravio the item salesman.

Ravio is an inhabitant of the alternate world of Lorule. He shows up in Link’s house one day and requests to set up shop there while Link is on his big adventure. Link is then able to rent as many of the game’s tools as he can afford. For a steeper price, he can even purchase them permanently. Ravio plays a role during the ending of the game too, but I won’t spoil that as A Link Between World is still less than a year old.

Ravio would probably be a mostly hand-to-hand fighter, but he should also have access to the few tools that Link doesn’t use in Smash. The doesn’t leave a whole lot, and the bulk of them would be reserved for special attacks, natch. The one I didn’t place on a special, the Hammer, could be his forward smash attack. It’s basic enough that it could be used for more than that though, and I think it’d be fun if he used the hammer to knock away his enemies for his throws.

His up smash, on the other hand, would be swinging his big bag of rupees over his head. The rupee bag is a pretty important part of Ravio’s character, and it’s gotta be in there somewhere. Down smash could have Ravio’s little pet bird, Sheerow, fly in a loop around Ravios’s legs. I’d like to work Sheerow in there a little more, maybe for some standard attacks. It’d likely be a part of Ravio’s taunts as well.

As for specials, Link took all the usual tools, so all Ravio is left with is the magical rods. That’s alright by me, as they actually fit really well into a Smash moveset. Neutral special is the Ice Rod. Just like in ALBW, it’d create a block of ice in the air in front of Ravio which would then smash down. How fast it moves is up for debate, but I see it as a pretty damaging move, so it’d probably leave a pretty good window for getting out from under it.

Forward special is the Fire Rod, which creates a small pillar of flame that moves forward along the ground. I haven’t thought a lot about how the custom special moves would factor into my character suggestions, but the Fire Rod is easy. One alternate is the Nice Fire Rod, which shoots out the bigger pillar, which is slower and doesn’t travel as far. The other is the Classic Fire Rod, which just shoots a little fireball straight ahead. It’s faster than the pillars, but doesn’t do as much damage.

Up special is obviously the Tornado Rod. Seriously, this character profile just writes itself. This one makes a little tornado around Ravio which lifts him upwards. It does minimal damage to enemies, but will blow them away, which could be really handy if you and a foe are both trying to get back onto the stage.

The Sand Rod is the down special, and the only one that I had to think about at all. On the ground, it works similarly to the Fire Rod, in that it creates a pillar of sand in front of Ravio. The pillar will rise out of the ground, and become a solid part of the environment for a few seconds. It’ll hurt anyone it hits as it’s rising, and knock them straight upward. If used in the air, it does pretty much the same thing, but the pillar will rise directly below Ravio.

Ravio’s final smash is a tough one, because I’m out of obvious choices. I’m on the fence between two ideas though. The first is that he somehow combines the powers of all his magic rods. I’m not sure how it would work exactly, but I am sure it would be quite the spectacle. The second idea is summoning the Mother Maiamai to inhale his foes and shoot them right off the screen. Or maybe something involving the horde of baby maiamais. Who knows?

It’s not the most imaginative character out there, but I really like the idea of having a Zelda character who wields all of the magic rods. And Ravio fits into that role quite snugly, you know? I can see a reason why player might take issue with Ravio being included on the roster, but I think that he’d be great. As long as he’s not another Link clone.

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