Smash Speculation: Toon Ganondorf

We’ve seen a handful of alternate version characters that I’d like to see, and while I hesitate to suggest an outright character replacement, I have a very good reasoning behind making such a suggestion:

~ Toon Ganondorf ~


Here’s the thing: Ganondorf, in his current Smash incarnation, is boring as all heck. He’s the slowest guy on the roster, and he’s an outright copy of Captain Falcon. Also, Ganondorf just isn’t overly interesting to begin with. Not the beefy, realistic Ganondorf anyway. He’s so one-dimensional that it offends even me. Toon Ganondorf though? Now we’re talking.

The thing that makes Toon Ganondorf appealing to me is the way that he was portrayed in The Wind Waker. He was the same Ganondorf as in one or more of the previous games, and he was old and weary. He’d been beaten and sealed away at least once, and maybe had even turned into a pig monster for a brief moment in time. He was sick and tired of getting bested by the Hero of Whatever, and he knew what he had to do to finally seize victory.

Of course, that didn’t quite work out, but his backstory and demeanor in Wind Waker certainly make him the deepest and most interesting incarnation of Ganondorf. So let’s put that guy in. Give him a fresh set of moves, give him a slick new look, and make him a character worth playing as. I guess you’d have to give him a little more speed too. Ganondorf as-is is just too slow to bother with.

Obviously, this guy is going to be the real deal. No more Captain Falcon moves. TG will come boasting his dual blades as well as a few magical attacks. There are already a lot of sword users on the Smash lineup, but TG will be unique as the only one who wields two at once. He’ll have to put one away to pick up items and grab people, but that’s not really an issue. I think that all of his normal attacks would utilize the swords, and that his specials would be where his magic powers come into play. He doesn’t use much in the way of magic in Wind Waker, so it’s fitting that he relies mostly on physical strength here.

The smash attacks might differ a little too. You could go with the swords and make them generic big hit moves, but why not draw a little from his own physical strength. He gives Link a brutal beatdown with just his fists just before the final fight in Wind Waker, so make his forward smash a triple punch combo with a little forward momentum. Kinda like Link’s forward smash, but with three hits instead of two. Up smash is an uppercut or something, I guess. There isn’t a specific precedent to draw from, so we’ll just slot a generic move in there. Down smash should be a low forward kick, which TG uses in Wind Waker to knock Link on his butt if he’s blocking too much. Down smashes usually hit on both sides of a character, but this one can be one-way. It fits, trust me.

Down special is the easiest, it would be the somewhat overused counterattack; let’s call it Parry. To date, nine characters have some variation of a counterattack as one of their special moves. But it fits here! Parrying is an advanced technique in Wind Waker, and it’s the only game in the series that uses it. Not to mention that you must parry Ganondorf to strike the final blow against him in that game, so it’s also a bit of an ironic inclusion. Plus, TG is a swordfighter, so it only makes sense. I don’t know that it really needs any special attributes to make it stand out from the other counterattacks, but for fun, let’s just say that it works even against attacks that are normally unblockable.

Up special, I don’t know. We could give Toon Ganondorf his own version of the spin attack, which could have a wider attack range thank Link’s, but it would have slightly less power and maybe wouldn’t be as good for recovery. Maybe it moves better horizontally than vertically? On the other hand, perhaps he could have an upward sword thrust move more akin to Mario’s super jump punch. Coat the swords in magical flame or bolts and call it a day. Since there are variable special moves, you could even choose between giving the attack a fire, electric, or ice element.

Side special is a magic blast. Make it like Ganon’s, I guess. I really doubt that both of these characters would make it into the game, so I’ll let them share a special move. If you didn’t read the last entry, for whatever reason, basically it’s a magic ball that can be reflected back and forth, increasing in power each time it’s knocked back. You know, the tennis ball magic that’s in so many Zelda games. It works just fine with Toon Ganondorf, as his phantoms use it in Wind Waker.

For the neutral special, I want to use those phantoms again. Zelda has actually taken this attack for herself in Smash 4, where she summons a phantom to rush forward and attack. But Zelda summons an armored phantom from the DS games. TG would summon the ghostly phantom from Wind Waker (natch), which would function essentially the same. Since TG’s phantom floats though, you could direct it upward (and downward if using it in midair), rather than having it move on a strictly horizontal path.

Toon Ganondorf’s final smash was easy to think up. He summons the Helmaroc King (the huge bird from Wind Waker) and it swoops across the stage a few times. If it manages to grab any of the other combatants, it’ll immediately chuck them off the screen. Instant KO final smashes aren’t necessarily the greatest, but I like this one. It works with the character and it’s not a sure thing, so it’s fair enough.

So yeah, there you go. Ganondorf completely rebuilt with his very own moveset for a new generation of Smash. As much as I’d like to see Pig Ganon show up as a fighter, I think that giving Ganondorf an overhaul is the much more plausible situation. Even if he doesn’t get the Toon treatment, I’ll be happy if he’s able to move out of that clone ghetto and get some more fitting attacks. It’s not very becoming of the baddest guy on the roster.


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