So one of our branches decided to start up a soccer league within the company. While I declined the opportunity to play, I was also selected to design and draw the “jerseys” for their team, The Ron Burgundys. This offer I was happy to accept.

This isn’t the whole thing, but it’s most of the logo. My rough drafts were a little more ambitious than the final product, but that’s mostly because t-shirts (and I assume all manners of clothing) are ridiculously hard to draw on. I’m pretty satisfied with the final results; hopefully the team likes my work as much as I do.

The thing I’m really digging is that I’m becoming something of a go-to guy for low-profile art projects at work. It’s not exactly the fame and fortune I once hoped my “skill” would bring me, but I certainly can’t complain. People are asking me do draw things for them because they enjoy my work. I like it. The really nice thing is that no matter how crappy I think my output is, everyone is really supportive and tells me it’s great. Maybe it doesn’t push me to improve like criticism sometimes does (usually it just makes me want to give up forever), but it sure makes me feel better about myself.


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  1. We loved our jerseys… Thanks again! Although… somehow the Ron Burgundy in my shirt’s logo had a giant head… not sure what happened there. I hope the Kuz sent you our pictures.
    Also, there is talk of more soccer AND a softball rematch… I hope we can interest you in joining the Ron Burgundys for the softball rematch against Henderson United.
    – dr. von awesome

    P.S.: We lost. 5:10… It was quite sad, really.

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