Everything’s better on a stick

Life is weird these days. I’m at home nearly 100% of the time now. I don’t see other human beings, except from the safety of my balcony. McDonald’s brought bagels back from beyond the grave.

And so, I play along by cooking weird things. The other night, I fancied grilled chicken and mango skewers.

Now, the typical thing to have done would have been chicken and pineapple kebabs. But the fact is that I don’t plan these things ahead of time. And also the other fact is that I almost never have pineapple on hand. However, I do always have at least one mango kicking around.

I can’t say that this was exactly a huge success. The mango was a little too ripe and got much too drippy and fall-aparty for my liking. Otherwise? Not half bad. I think that with a sturdier, more youthful mango, it would have been ratcheted all the way up to “pretty good.” Also I think a slightly under-ripened mango’s blend of sweet and sour would have complemented the chicken better than the overripe mango’s overwhelming sweetness.

Would I have it again? Yeah, but I think I’d have to think it through a little more. Add some onion, maybe red pepper. Oh, yeah, that sounds real good. Probably should learn how to marinate my chicken properly. And also get some fresher ingredients for said marinade. Both my olive oil and spices were a little… very old. And I had to throw out the lemon juice I was going to use because it had turned completely black. Such is the life of a bachelor who is just now teaching himself to cook things more complicated than Kraft Dinner.

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