I miss the orange already

Remember that article I had originally planned for Saturday? I finally got it done. I’ve literally been working on it until like five minutes before I started this post. It’s real long. 4000 words, 2 pages. And just you wait until you see what it’s about. When you see that, you’ll be terrified just thinking about how long the article devoted to its bigger brother will be. Heh heh heh. And only now do I realize I owe you a review of either Paper Mario or MegaMan Zero 3. Oops. Maybe next week. I’m pretty booked until then.

Otherwise, I went to my yearbook signing last night. It was nice to see the old crew again, even if some of them were missing. And when I got home I realized that I do actually care that I’ll probably never see some of them again. Maybe something does beat in this hollow tin chest of mine after all. But I was able to leave a lot of them with an original bit of art, so I’ve made enough of a mark to be content. I also got everyone that mattered (and then some) to sign my book. This also adds to the contentment.

I don’t have any idea who I want to use for Band of the Month yet, so that won’t be up for a couple days still. I don’t have anything else on my immediate agenda either, so don’t expect any non-bloggish posts for a while. So just read that there article, and then click on some of these links here.

The Big 5 Personality Test – I’ve always loved taking surveys and tests like this, and I’m pretty sure most everyone else does. So here’s another one. And if you wanna see, here are my results.

DontMarry.com – “Why marriage has become a raw deal for men”. If you read GorillaMask, you’ve seen this one. Otherwise, read it. I tend to agree.

RockMan.EXE Stream media – Ryouko has captured both MP3s and movie clips of the intro and outro for the new RockMan.EXE anime series. I love the credits theme, and the videos are really well done. Someone should totally make a visualisation thing out of one part of the credits video. The part with the binary streams. You’ll see.

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